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Is this normal?



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Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk
Hello am new too this forum but so gals I’ve found it
So my fear of dentists is quite intense .
The dental surgery I’m at in Manchester is okay but I don’t find them really understanding and I always feel like they think am overreacting.

I recently had a new dentist due too my previous dentist on maternity leave , and he was okay so I was happy with that.

Anyway he did me a filling but I requested too have the local anaesthetic without adrenaline .

Anyway I didn’t feel as bad as when I had the one with adrenaline, although this time I felt really like confused , so tired the exhaustion was crazy also I felt like a bit of pressure in my head .
I was crying a lot before my filling and my heart rate shot up .

I felt horrible and this was without the adrenaline in so am wondering if this is normal. I did speak too a nurse practitioner and am also going too se her this Friday and she said that I am sensitive too medicine etc but she doesn’t think I am allergic too it .

The thing is I need an old filling redone as it’s leaked and I’m in no pain but the dentist thinks I may need a root canal which am terrified now especially with how I felt after the last filling .
They did say I could be referred too a dental hospital for vulnerable patients ( anxious etc ) which I’m thinking maybe better as this will probably take a bit longer and am scared because of how I felt last time .

Is this normal too feel after anaesthesia without adrenaline?

@Natzuk I'm afraid I can't answer your question of whether that is normal for anesthesia without adrenalin, because I can't usually tell if the local anesthetic I have contains it or not, but I can tell you I don't think I am particulary sensitive to adrenalin or medications, I rarely have the pounding heart right after injection, etc, but I have often had the feelings you describe like distress, confusion, exhaustion and pressure in the head after dental appointments, and during them, and I think these feelings for me can come from the stress of dealing with the appointment and maybe being treated or examined itself, not from medications. My heart rate has often shot up at the dentist unrelated to local anesthetic and I think for me that can just be caused by fear and distress. I think these issues could sometimes be caused by stress and fear, and not be caused by drugs. In fact I have ended up with a lot of the issues you describe from appointments for consultations or planning treatments where I was xrayed, very quickly examined, and taked to the dentist, but no procedures were done at all, not even cleaning or in depth exam. Maybe sometimes the body makes enough adrenaline of its own to cause some bad feelings sometimes. Hopefully visiting the nurse practitioner helps and they give you some good answers! Best of luck to you!
hi there. I was wondering what helps you be calm or at least feel easier with getting a filling done? i'm going to get two done next week and i am trying to find a better way to deal with them- i just don't like the dam and all the stuff in my mouth as i worry i won't be able to breathe okay? thanks for any help. Sorry to hear about how you feel after, it could just be your body responding to the stress, i always feel exhausted and weird after a dental procedure.
@nutzforcats I wish I could help regarding feeling calmer but unfortunately I can’t as I’m not calm . I just cry and the dental assistant holds my hand . My dentist then puts the numbing cream on for about 10mins until I’m numb then he puts the anaesthetic in very slowly then once that’s over am not too bad . Also yes I feel the same but they use the suction for bits of filling also you can ask too stop to take a breath swallow etc . Sorry I can’t help too much as I’m quite honest and can’t say I enjoy the dentist or know how too relax
I try to be very brave and make it as easy on them as i can as i've been made to feel like I'm being not brave when i've had to get fillings in the past, which is not why i'm being this way, it's just hard on me and they weren't that understanding about it. My dentist now is okay but i know, they are human and have a right to get abit short when they can't do their work. I don't want to be a "problem" and have to go elsewhere as the one i go to has a very understanding hygenist and they don't charge extra like some do, as i'm on disability, so can't just go elsewhere. I try to keep my emotions in check as it just makes it harder on myself.
@Natzuk I'm curious: did you have any other symptoms like depression, lethargy (possibly extreme), despair/hopelessness/listlessness after the procedure?

I had a couple bone spurs removed from my gums day before yesterday, and afterwards I had symptoms I've never experienced, including jelly legs and trembling/shaking hands, then unusual and extreme tiredness/sleepiness, and I went downhill from there. Went to sleep for a bit when I got home and when I woke up, I felt utterly drained, listless, lethargic/unable to move (not physically unable, just "don't have the energy to move"), depressed and sort of hollow. The procedure wasn't that big of a deal -- not nearly as much as the oral surgery I had back in October, which required bone graft and stitches.

I spoke with my dentist today and he said he's never heard of such symptoms, but I know that I personally can be extremely sensitive to allopathic drugs, so I'm researching dental anesthetics to find out what could have caused my symptoms. I should mention that this was my 14th dental visit in the last 7 months, so it wasn't just "I haven't been to the dentist in a while and I'm scared" kind of thing. It wasn't even really painful, so there seems to be no explanation other than a reaction/sensitivity to the anesthetics used (topical and injected). In my case, the dentist confirmed it was Articaine with Epinephrine, which the Mayo Clinic does, in fact, list such symptoms here.

Btw, it took a full day and a half to two days for me to feel "myself" again. (which would correspond to the timeframe for a drug to leave the system)
@LittleLady hi sorry for
Late reply .
Wow it’s so strange how things affects us isn’t it ?

Am wondering did you have the adrenaline based local anaesthetic? There the kind of symptoms you could possibly get .

I had it without and just didn’t feel right and it did worry me but also , I do have low iron and I think that may have contributed too how I felt .

My dentist is waiting too hear from endocrinologist as I only have one adrenal gland and I do worry that it’s a cortisol issue although I can survive with just one adrenal gland , but they don’t want too take out my bad tooth until they get the go ahead .

Can I ask how it feels too have tooth taken out ?
I need my tooth taken out but am scared and worried.
I think I’m getting another infection so am going too wait too see how it is tomorrow and if it’s getting as then I’ll book an emergency appointment and probably be on antibiotics again 😭. Then I will definitely have too have it out because I can’t keep taking antibiotics.