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Is this strange red mark on tongue related to recent dental work?



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Aug 12, 2015
I had my last check up at the end of May and on 19th June I had back molar extracted. It was a difficult and uncomfortable extraction as the tooth was broken at the gum line and my bad dental anxiety didn't help either but I'm proud for finally getting it done. Other than some ulcers that have now healed, everything went fine afterwards.

I was brushing my teeth and tongue the other day and noticed a bit of blood when I spat out and could see instantly it came from this red patch on my tongue. It's not painful at all and feels pretty much like every other part of my tongue to touch. I'm just wondering what this is and what I should do to treat it? I've been brushing at normal and using Corsadyl mouthwash twice a day. Been doing this for 3 days so far and no improvement yet which is worrying me.

I'm just wondering if it could be related to the dental work? My dentist didn't mention it to me at my last appts so I'm assuming it wasn't there then? She always asks how long I've had something for if she notices things like an ulcer.

Health wise other than severe psoriasis, I think I'm in good health



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