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Is this temporary crown pain normal?



Junior member
Sep 3, 2023
Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting here and I'm SO glad I discovered this forum. Some background: I'm a 29yr old female and I grew up having braces and definitely was not as vigilant as I should have been with flossing and brushing. Most of my teeth have been worked on in some way with fillings and I have never had huge issues with getting fillings done. Fast forward to about 2019 I believe when I had to have a filling replaced on tooth #30 I think (bottom left second molar). That whole experience was traumatic and super painful. I could tell the dentist was over booked that day and just powered thru the filling knowing I was in pain and rushed. Well here we are now in 2023 and just this past Tuesday I had to have a crown prep done on that molar because that 2019 filling fell out. (By the way, after that horrible experience I left that practice and found a new dentist)

So right now I have a temporary crown on that tooth, no RCT was needed and he didn't even bring it up (it's been 5 days). My permanent crown appointment is Sept. 14th. However, yesterday I want to say, I started to feel some slight discomfort around that area. Not sharp pains, but just a dull ache that lasts. I can't tell if it's the tooth or the gums. I feel like it's the tooth. And the temporary is sensitive to cold water or super cold things. I have been very diligent with not chewing AT ALL on that side. And i have been mouth washing and gently flossing that area to keep it clean. As well as the gentle brushing twice a day too.

Is it normal to have cold sensitivity and minor aching in that area? If I take one or two ibuprofen the aching goes away. And it seems to feel fine when I sleep at night and wake up in the morning. I don't NEED to take pain relief. It's not throbbing or zapping. I have had a nerve die in a tooth before, so I definitely know that kind of pain. But I also wonder if some of it could be mental or anxiety induced. I just really don't want this tooth to turn into another Root Canal :(

Also, we ended up going the crown route because this molar also had a second larger filling in it as well and we agreed that it couldn't handle another big replacement filling.
It's probably the temp crown leaking a little bit, or possibly the tooth has been a bit roughed up during the crown prep and is having a wee tantrum about it. It's worth mentioning to your dentist when you go to have the crown fitted but I doubt if it's a big deal.
@Gordon Really appreciate the feedback! Yeah it's definitely not a constant ache. It bothered me a little bit when I woke up this morning and started moving around. But now it's back to normal and I haven't taken any ibuprofen yet for the day. I am being much more careful with flossing too. I think maybe I was flossing it to much and irritating it further. My teeth have been known to be sassy after dental work for weeks

I have pretty bad dental anxiety, so I think some of it was anxiety manifesting if I thought about it hurting.