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Is toxicity a thing regarding local anaesthetic



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Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk

Honestly I need some answers and advice .
So when I went for my last filling , I had a local anaesthetic without adrenaline ( the one with gave me palpitations) anyway even the one without made me feel really strange like confused, extreme fatigue and like out of it really scared me .

I need a root canal I think but no one is taking me seriously at all when I explain these symptoms but I just came across toxic symptoms? Could this be what’s happening too me ?

Please can anyone let me know and how do I go about the dentist taking me seriously?

I have asked for my dentist too refer me too the community dental clinic because am not sure I can carry on letting them do it if this is what’s happening too me ? I’m in the UK by the way .

I’m struggling at the moment as I have a filling that’s leaked which is the one that may need a root canal it’s giving me a little discomfort but because no one is listening too me am too scared too get this sorted
Yes, toxicity is a thing, but it requires a very large quantity of local anaesthetic to be injected. For an average adult, that's something on the order of 20 full cartridges. I'm guessing you didn't get that much? The symptoms of toxicity are nothing like you've described.

Adrenaline can cause palpitations if it's accidentally injected into a vein. It's not common and is completely harmless, although scary. It's not a problem to avoid it if a patient wants to, there are plenty of non-adrenaline locals about to use instead.

Good idea getting the referral to the CDS, they'll be much more able to help you.
@Gordon thanks so much .

Haha no he didn’t but it was the anaesthetic without adrenaline? Yet still didn’t feel right although I was crying and my heart was beating fast before he numbed my gum 😢. I’m glad that the way I felt wasn’t the anaesthetic so it was probably anxiety and panic literally made me feel dreadful and so exhausted😢
I spoke too the receptionist this morning as the tooth that needs a new filling is playing up can’t get an earlier appointment( my appointment is march 23rd )just waiting till me appointment too get it sorted as he thinks the decay is really deep hence why he thinks I may need a root canal instead.

Would he do a root canal there and then or just clean it out etc and do it bit by bit ?

Would he do a root canal there and then or just clean it out etc and do it bit by bit ?
Probably just get the root canal started to finish of later, root treatments take a lot longer than fillings and there probably won't be a long enough appointment to do the RCT.
@Gordon thanks . So scared but I know it needs doing as it’s been like this for a while now . Just using salt water etc too make sure it doesn’t get infected. Not got long till my appointment anyway now four weeks .
Good luck and update me when you've had the appointment, please.
@Gordon where do I start .
Had a feeling this tooth was more than seemed yet my dentist hadn’t found an infection .My dentist aren’t the best at all and I have tried my best I’ve spoken too the practice manager etc , asked for referral too a community dentist etc anyway today I phoned at 8.30 when they opened too get an emergency appointment. The phone was ringing out eventually the receptionist answered and she was so belittling I didn’t know what too say .
She said there was no appointments and kept talking over me , anyway my daughter heard everything she said and she payed me for an emergency appointment at her surgery ( I don’t work so unable too afford private ) they treated me so well I didn’t want to leave ! They found the infection and am now on antibiotics which I was terrified of taking due too fear of medication.
Anyway I’ve had too put a complaint in too PALS because I’ve tried and asked since last year to refer me too a community dentist and they haven’t.
There’s lots more they haven’t done and it’s just made me worse and I’m constantly feeling worse when I attend my appointments. Sorry I know not all practices are like this but amazing how different you are treated when you pay for services.