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Is waiting 4 weeks to get a root canal a bad situation ?

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Junior member
Aug 8, 2020
New York
I noticed a bump on my gum around the end of May & was told it may have been , which it was a fistula. I was prescribed antibiotics that same day I found out. However I couldn’t see a dentist until July due to the Covid situation. When I seen a dentist I was told they can either extract it or save it by root canal so my dentist referred me to a endodontist which I seen today & was told I have to wait to get a root canal in September. He said it was pretty bad but he can see if he can still save it. The bump got smaller & now I have little multiple ones around that area. So now I’m kinda stuck on whether I should just get it extracted rather than wait cause I don’t want it to get any worse but at the same time if I can save it I would prefer to save it. I just don’t want to wait another month & find out it needs to be extracted & risk it getting worse when I could’ve got it taken care of now. So please any advice would help.


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Jul 1, 2018
I am not a dentist so hopefully one will answer you, but I can say that when I found out I needed a root canal on an upper molar, it was two months before the endodontist could get me in, due to her schedule being so full. The dentist gave me a prescription and said to take it if the pain got worse before the root canal. It was fine.
The second tooth that needed a root canal was my front upper tooth. Long story, but it was injured when I was a kid, and slowly died over time, undetected as there was no pain. A very large abscess developed, again without me knowing it. It never had symptoms, and ended up causing a lot of bone loss. The endodontist that did the root canal said the abscess had probably been there for two years! It never did spread to other teeth or anywhere else, which the endodontist said was really rare anyway.


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Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
It'll not get any worse, wait and see if the endodontist can fix it.

Dental infections do NOT spread around the body, or to other teeth for that matter, the bacteria are far too delicate for that.