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Issues from crown falling off and avoidance of getting it fixed?



Junior member
Jun 5, 2016
I had a crown fall off my lower left farthest back molar about four months ago. The tooth had been one that definitely needed a crown and may have needed a root canal at the time of first getting the original crown but my dentist was confident after checking everything that a root canal was not needed. I waited about a month to even be seen, knowing I would have to have a temporary crown which I hate because of the possibility of it falling off easily and swallowing it. What I didn't know was that when left exposed for that long, even though there was a filling, it kind of rises up out of the gums? Am I putting that correctly? Anyway, I was soooo unhappy to find out that at an appointment where I thought they would just fit a new crown they had to numb me and drill. So then of course I needed the temp crown, which did fall off but thankfully not while I was sleeping. But after falling off the tooth was then much more sensitive to cold, where it hadn't been at all before. So going back in to they the new crown put on it was very sensitive, which they said would fade in a few days. But it hasn't. It's not sensitive to pressure, just temperature, and I've had some strange pain radiating into the teeth in front of it a few times which was very quick but very painful. I've still avoided going in hoping everything would calm down.

Now today, on the tongue side, on the bone behind the tooth (so almost to the tissue that connects the upper and lower jaw) I've had some tenderness. Kind of like how it feels when you have a tooth growing in, or when you have a canker sore on your tongue. I looked in the mirror and the gum tissue was red, and then felt back there and there is a small very hard bump in the area where it is red. This is not right up against the back of the tooth though, there is about the space that could fit another molar in between. This bump/lump seems like it's almost attached to the bone underneath. While it hurts like a canker sore in a way, it was not on the surface like a canker sore is. Next to this is a little flesh colored soft bump that is in the gum, not under it, that almost looks like what a skin tag would on your skin. That bump is painless. Is this all related or could the further back bump have nothing to do with it? Is it ok to wait longer to get the tooth checked on? Ugh!! I don't want to have to separate issues. I DONT want a root canal. I'm worried the other two bumps could be something worse than a root canal that would require some sort of surgery. On top of all of this we go on vacation in two weeks and I know that if I don't go before we leave it will probably flare up worse and ruin my vacation. But I feel like I have been living at the dentist and I can't stand the thought of how much I will have to be there prob for these new issues. Anything encouraging on what all this might be? Is there a chance I won't end up being there multiple times? Is there a chance any of this is even more serious than a root canal! My dentist was working in that area just a few months ago, so I'm sure he would've seen anything suspicious that could be more serious?


Well-known member
Jul 6, 2015
North Wales, UK
Hi there,

I have no experience as such but would think at worst it might need root canal treatment. Please go as leaving it will only make it worse. Believe me when I say that the root canal treatment is pain free and you will wonder why you ever worried about it. The only annoying bit is the time it takes.

Good luck

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