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It’s been three weeks and just starting to try to eat. Full upper and lower, 12 extractions and bridge removal. I’m frustrated. The fixodent only …



Junior member
May 1, 2024
It’s been 3 weeks after sextractions and immediate dentures. Just started trying to eat. I’m frustrated even eating soft soggy cereal. Adhesive only last about 4 hours and only fixident seems to work(zinc overload.). Going in a day to get some adjustment. To full on one side…and pain. Just need some support.
Dentures take a while to get used to particularly if they are your first-ever set. Fixodent is good, I live on it. Once your mouth has healed properly and the dentures have been adjusted to the correct fit, you wil be fine with most foods. Don't try to eat sticky toffee though and definitely don't try to chew gum !