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It’s finally time

I saw your update in your other thread - great to hear that it went so well :thumbsup!: ! Congratulations @mikey boy
So my next appointment is this Thursday and I feel pretty good about it, I also have surgery scheduled for the 17th to have a wisdom tooth extracted that is sitting next to my nerve which I’m kind of nervous about but I hate surgery but my hygienist says it’s important that it gets done if I want to have healthy teeth as it can infect the other teeth we shall see how that goes
Well the surgery went well I honestly don’t remember anything about it all apart from before they got started and were hooking my I.V in my arm and oxygen and everything else i am now resting at home and recovering
So today I scheduled my cavity fillings and partial bridge impression for next week on Tuesday after getting a second opinion from another dentist, I can confidently say that I am comfortable and not as nervous about the procedure still scared because that will never go away but I think I’m ready for it
So everything went well at the dentist today he ended up not doing a cavity filling because it was for a tooth that didn’t need a cavity filling so we just did an impression today i go back next week to try it on and then I will get it in two weeks Kind of bummed because I thought he was doing a cavity filling on a tooth that has an open cavitie right now but he didn’t do that so I’ll need to reschedule for that