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It’s going to be bad, struggling to cope



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Jan 8, 2021

I have a dentist and hygienist appointment booked for the 6th September. I’m petrified that they are going to say that my teeth will have to be taken out. Do I have to walk around toothless if that’s the case?!

After years of not looking after my teeth and gums, I’m finally ready to put a plan in place and do something about it(hopefully it’s not too late!)

my question is, from the picture below, what will my dentist say to me? I know it’s hard from a picture but any idea will help my anxiety. Thanks ?


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No, you don't have to walk around toothless.

Doesn't look too bad from the photo, there's a bit of gum disease visible round the lower front teeth but that's to be expected and should be fixable.
Just got back! Gum disease as you said and some bone loss ? but I was half expecting that. I must say the Dentist and hygienist were both very good and made me feel at ease.