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It took 38 years!



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Jun 30, 2008
The last time I went to the dentist was 38 years ago and only remember it as being so awful and painful that I could not even look at teeth again!

Over the last year 3 teeth had fallen out, and since Christmas I had been in constant pain. A friend (?) who could not bear watching me mash my food any longer made an appointment for me with her dentist. I was petrified and in constant panic mode until the day came for the check up. I went to the doctor and got something to calm me down before and my friend came as well.

The Dentist really understood my fear and at the check up used no instruments at all but did take X-rays.

A week later I went back for treatment. He put cream on my gums and then injected me alot. When I said I could still feel a particular tooth he injected some more. I did feel the first 3 injections but after that it became less and less and then I could not feel anything!! My friend stayed with me through out and held my hand , she did not have to leave. I could have watched a DVD but preferred to keep my eyes tightly shut!

Once it was all numb I had 5 extractions, one of which was a wisdom tooth and 3 fillings and I can honestly say I did not feel a thing!

Every step was explained and for the fillings he used acid and not the drill as I said I could not bear the noise!

He was brilliant and understood how I was feeling without me having to tell him, which was lucky as after all of the injections I had trouble saying anything!!

So if anyone needs a dentist and lives near Portsmouth I can definitely give you his name and number!!
AC it was lovely to read your story and what a marvellous friend you have there. After such a long absence from the dentist you really are lucky to have had relatively little to be done and also after such a long time you will have noticed the tremendous change in dentistry, not only the dentists themselves but the whole ambience of the surgery and modern equipment. Before I started going to the dentist last year, it had been 40 years and that one visit 40 years ago had been only because I was in agony and to treat just one tooth, not fix up the others which were already starting to deteriorate from an absence of then 10 or 11 years. In my case I was only because of a good post-war diet, not rubbishy foods as today, that I still have good density of bone.

Anyway, congratulations to you, your dentist sounds wonderful. Would you like to go to the home page here and then give out the name and address etc in the dental recommendations section. ere
I now see that you have already done that so anyone in the Portsmouth area will probably all now be rushing to your dentist.
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