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It took me 10 years to get to the dentist.



Junior member
Jun 15, 2015
Yesterday i had my first appointment in 10 years. Im not sure of the dentist and i was hoping to come away with what i need doing but no. I have to go to the dental hospital fo r xray due to the decline of my gums. Wait another 3 weeks then go back and sit and finf out what i need to have done. I had totally got myself through that surgery on the hope i would kbow what needed doing and now i have to go through it all again. I feel sick.
Hang in there ClaireW, I avoided the dentist for 20 years and then when I finally got the courage to make an appointment the next available appointment was 6 weeks away! I was totally crushed and the wait was agonising but I got there. All I can suggest is that you keep busy meantime and you will be ok, you have already taken the biggest step so sit back a moment give yourself and pat on the back for coming this far.