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Itching teeth



Junior member
Nov 25, 2019
I have an itching sensation in a large top molar... not exactly painful, but really bothersome. I have seen my dentist about this and she has prodded and poked and banged all the way along this top right section but can find nothing wrong. On Friday last, she xrayed it and again, can see nothing wrong. But it driving me silly. Whatever can be causing it? I don't get it in any other teeth or gums. I have had lots of fillings in the past and recently had a tooth extraction which is now healing, but I am terrified that something is now going wrong in this top molar and I will have to have yet another tooth out. It takes me all my courage to get to the dentist in the first place, and the thought of having more treatment leaves me weak. I have a big problem too that I can't take antibiotics and so am scared of any infection. Help please !
I get this when I have a sinus infection... so if I'm not totally unique then that could be your issue too. Mostly sinus issues are viral in nature so you don't need antibiotics anyway. Getting into a steamy environment helps me a lot.
Thanks Gordon . When my dentist did the xray last Friday we could see clearly the bottom half of my sinuses (the roots of the top molar going up into them) and they were empty and no sign of any problem.
I’m not a dentist, but could it be a metal allergy? I have two older crowns that have tingling, itchy feelings around them and the gums are always slightly puffy. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the crowns or the teeth. My hygienist thinks it may be a chronic low grade irritation/inflammation due to the metal in the crowns. Hoping it clears up for you!