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Its a dead tooth how long can i leave it?



Junior member
Jan 23, 2016

I had a top wisdom tooth deeply filled. Had lots pain and it died. Tooth had no decay as it was drilled. I am due to get it removed this week but I have sinus issues from a recent cold that is hanging around.

How long can I leave the dead tooth safely roughly? Another few weeks ( if I need to cancel and they can't get me another appointment soon ?) Thank you.
Hello just bumping this post
Hi, it depends on what you mean by “safely”? Obviously, it could act up at any time and become painful - there’s no way of predicting when that might happen.

However, if you’re worried that it might affect your body, the answer is that it’s safe to leave until you feel better and can get it taken care of. There’s a thread in the FAQ section here on this very topic:

Hello Thank you. It seems to have died due to trauma from deep filling. She said all the decay had been drilled out while attempting to save tooth.
Random but I believe I left a reply last night on this post recommending the “ask a dentist” section of the forum for you and it looks like it was deleted? Only wanted to post this to say I wasn’t trying to be rude if it came off that way. I was just trying to help.
Hi I deleted the post because this question comes up so often that Gordon must be really tired of it by now… so I tried to lighten his workload a little by replying here instead 😉 - hope that was ok!