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IV midazolam/versed



Junior member
Jul 10, 2023
i got my initial dental anxiety as a young child. i had an 'old school' dentist in the early 90s who used to poke my teeth & gums hard. i had one treatment where he jammed an injection in very fast & i have never felt that pain before or since.

later as a young adult i experienced sexual trauma & was unable to deal with the experience of dentistry at all.

the iv midazolam is a massive revelation. i cant express what difference it is to be super relaxed. i have very little memory, but i do remember saying to the dentist 'that hurts' & them giving me another local injection (i don't remember feeling any pain).

i actually feel good about going to the dentist now bc it will get rid of my pain & i wont have any fear or pain in the process. literally wake up & it's all done.

just to enforce - *even if you have very severe anxiety* please try the iv sedation.
@laurabeexx hi Laura.

Can I ask what the IV sedation was used for ?
I need two infected teeth out and two detained roots.
I said I want a general anaesthetic but maybe a long wait and I have an abscess and keep getting infections.
I have a phone call with the oral surgeon tomorrow and I’m petrified because I don’t know what to do .
I keep having panic attacks as I don’t want too feel any pain at all .
Glad it helps you