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IV sedation - 8 to be removed.



Junior member
Apr 14, 2009
So... Although I found a great dentist, we both realise the only way forward is to remove all my remaining teeth.

I’m having 8 removed next week via IV sedation and would appreciate some positive experience feedback as I’m absolutely petrified.

If I can get the back ones out, the rest can be removed in late summer and I’m sure I will be a more confident person! I’m only 50!!!

All I need to do is sit in that chair and not fear the needle.....



Well-known member
Forum Buddy
Mar 5, 2021
Hi there. Well done for finding a great dentist and starting this dental fear journey. I can provide info on my positive experience of iv sedation. I have had it four times and honestly so pleased I did it even though I was nervous about it. I remembered little and I have heard most people remember nothing about the actual procedure. You feel like you were asleep throughout even though your are not actually. The recovery I found find too. No sickness or anything just tired and probably a bit unsteady on my feet haha. You need someone to look after you afterwards to. Happy to answer anymore specific questions to.

Is it the needle in the hand/arm you fear to start the iv? If so, I personally the first time used a numbing cream and didn’t feel it at all. So the next time I didn’t bother and was fine and I’m needle phobic. The cream was recommended as an option to me by ybe dental sedation clinic. So I would check before, if it’s okay and allowed if you choose to and in the uk was called something like amatope or the other I didn’t use was EMLA. And can be brought from a parmacist here. Not sure if possible in other countries and some sedation clinics may even have things? ?

With relation to extractions I had 3 wisdom teeth out in one go and again the recovery was no where near as bad as I had imagined. I Just recommend having some soft food options ready.

Also wanted to point out there is a whole thread on iv sedstion experiences that you might find helpful too.


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2019
Hi Andyo
I had all my remaining teeth removed under IV sedation, which was done in one visit. And then had temporary dentures placed. I really don’t remember any of the procedure and afterwards was a little woozy but nothing terrible.
I’m slightly younger than you and I can honestly say that yes, my confidence has improved and I’m very happy with my new smile.