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IV Sedation - extraction of abscessed lower molar



Junior member
May 20, 2017
I had an extraction of abscesses lower molar under IV sedation yesterday. I was told that as tooth was so painful and would be difficult to numb morphine would be mixed with the sedative. Don't remember anything of procedure apart from suddenly experiencing a hot burning pain and crying out. Today realised my arm and lower back is painful. I'm wondering if I tried to get up when it hurt and so had to be restrained. Does this happen? Was the burning pain the tooth being pulled out? Was expecting to feel/ remember nothing after reading lots of forum posts on IV sedation so I'm just trying to understand it.
Sometimes people do wake up slightly during IV sedation and struggle. They probably increased the dose of sedative after that to get you more comfortable and relaxed.

The burning sensation could have been a number of things but it was most likely when they were numbing you. The anesthetic can give you a burning sensation when it is injected quickly. Most patients with IV sedation just don't remember it.