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IV Sedation Fantastic!



Junior member
Jun 11, 2022
After several very traumatic experiences at the dentist over the past few years, I developed a severe dental phobia and simply stopped going. Then, in January this year, one of my teeth cracked right through the middle and into the root. The pain got so bad at times that I had to take multiple painkillers. Eventually, after several months of suffering with it, my husband persuaded me to go and see his dentist, who had removed some of his teeth under IV sedation. After an initial, extremely nervous consultation, the dreaded day came. I felt like I was going to the gallows as I stepped into the dentist's surgery for a tooth extraction under IV sedation at 8.30 am in the morning.
I needn't have worried. I hardly felt the IV needle going into my arm and the last words I remember the dentist saying was that he was about to start the sedation. Then nothing. Nothing at all. I don't even remember feeling drowsy, it was that quick to work and the next thing I knew was being woken up and told by the dentist that it was all over. The amnesia was amazing too. I don't have any memory at all of the procedure and the effects of the sedation lasted for several hours afterwards. I don't remember leaving the surgery, my husband driving me home or what happened when I got there. I woke up in bed at around 7.30 pm that evening feeling refreshed, relaxed, relieved and in no pain whatsoever - and my cracked tooth was gone!
I am pleased to say that I am now feeling confident enough to go back to the dentist to have an implant fitted, once my gum has healed up completely. It will, of course, be done under IV sedation again, as I now know I can trust the process to work for me. I can also thoroughly recommend IV sedation to anyone else who has a severe dental phobia. You won't feel anything at all and you certainly won't remember anything afterwards.


Well-known member
Mar 2, 2022
@Tania120 I‘m so happy to hear about your success story! It sounds like a dream, and I’m so glad it went well for you.

I’d also like to thank your post on a personal level. I have a cracked tooth as well (straight into the root vertically, along with a massive cavity, no hope of saving that one) and I have to get other teeth removed. I’m having mine done under general, simply so my dentist can do more at one time and because having had general before, it means I know what to expect. That being said, the general date is so far away that if something were to happen, I’d have to do IV sedation instead. Reading about how well it worked for you and how much confidence it gave you to go back, it was just lovely!

(I also imagine that fillings I need done might be done under IV sedation, so again, reading about how well it worked was soothing to me :p)

All the best in the future! :jump:


Well-known member
Jan 30, 2022

Snap i had same expierence with iv . Glad you did too