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IV sedation for infected wisdom tooth extraction



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Apr 4, 2013
I have had 2 wisdom teeth pulled under regular freezing as well another tooth extraction the same way. I still had my bottom 2 wisdom teeth in as they grew in ok, but one broke, they tried to take it out under regular freezing but the pain was awful, so the dentist said it was infected, gave me antibiotics asked me to come back in a few days, he tried again but the same pain. So now I am going to a Specialist tomorrow and having IV Sedation. I have high anxiety issues, not about the dental part as I have had teeth pulled, its the fear of being put under and not waking up. If anyone can share Thur experience I would appreciate any advice.
Hello :),
i am also waiting to have IV sedation and am nervous but from what I have read and answers I have got your anxiety will be reduced with the sedation and you will not be fully under so you will come out off it fine as you won't be fully asleep, not sure how to post a link but put IV sedation in the search, my fears have gone after reading up on it, yes still nervous that's to be expected but I have every faith that you will do just great, please let us know how you get on, good luck:clover:, :hug4:
Hi biatch 66 hello Deejay! I had IV sedation on 19th march to remove an infected wisdom tooth! I was so scared if sedation but it was brilliant. Unlike some, I do remember most if the procedure although it seemed like it was a very watered down version, kinda like a dream. I was scared of not waking up and now realise I was never asleep. I was very calm and very care free all through my procedure. I'd recommend it to anyone! So glad I did it and so glad that horrid painful tooth has gone. Good luck both of you, although you both don't need luck, it will be fine x
Thank you Deejay and Tracey. I have read a lot on the net and from what I understand it should be fine. Just the memory of the 2 times my dentist tried to pull out is still on my mind. I cried and almost hit the dentist when I raised my hand to tell him to stop. I have been off work for 2 weeks through all of this and at first my work insurance company said it might not be covered for short term disability but were quick to confirm it would be. That extra stress doesn't help, but just want this tooth gone!
The tooth is gone! When I went in I had huge HUGE anxiety with the IV Sedation. My dentist explained how it all worked. They checked my blood pressure and the IV, I only felt a quick prick. They reclined the chair back. I asked them to let me know when they would administer the drug, but don't know if they told me as the next thing I knew I asked her if they are putting it in now and she said they were all done. All I can say is WOW! All that stress for nothing. No memory and no pain.They were able to pull the tooth out, not break it in pieces. I felt a little light headed but no nausea. I did have to pay them before they do anything lol, so make sure if you have dental coverage you check what % you have.

I have been changing my gauze every hour, bleeding is there but I am used to what I need to look for, etc...Right now the pain is bad around where all the needles in my gum were done and my jaw. They gave me a cute ice pack which I use to help and Im taking Ketorolac which is way WAY better than Tylenol 3 w/ codeine. I am having more discomfort with where the needles were placed as I have been a human push pin for 2 weeks now, lol

All in all it wasn't too bad so I hope this info helps.
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Well Done Biatch_66 :jump::jump::jump:
i knew you'd be ok from what I had read can't wait ( in a weird sort of way) for my turn, so fed up of sensitive holes in my teeth!
Hope your healing is quick xx best wishes
D.J :whirl:
Thanks Deejay. Let me know how your appointment goes. Day 2 and bleeding is done, jaw hurts but that's normal after 2 days. They gave me a few needles in the cheek and the rinsing with salt water really is good as a healer. I have dissolving stitches so not sure when those start to fall out. Can't chew quite yet and Im dying for a steak and shrimp dinner lol. Can drink wine now so that's a start!