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IV Sedation Levels?



Nov 8, 2022
England UK

Just wondering if anyone has had this before or this is usual. I had an extraction last year under IV sedation at a private dental clinic, completely blacked out for treatment and don’t remember any of it, it was great, very happy got me through the treatment. No idea what she gave me but I will be asking next time I see her because…

Had a tooth out today under NHS IV sedation they gave me 4mg of midazolam in my arm, but it had no where near the same affect even to the point they were telling me I needed to take deep breaths and relax otherwise they were going to have to stop the sedation because my heart rate was so high.

I’m worried now that it’s the same drug with the same levels and I’ve had two different affects and now IV won’t work the same way it worked for me before.

I’m going to ask my dentist what she used and how much so I can see whether it should have been similar experiences, but the nurse at the hospital did say that they tend to give lower dosages as they are more regulated than private dentists?

Is this a normal situation, or?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Gordon,

Is that a very low dosage then? They never offered to give me more either :( I’m 5”4 and 82kg if that helps too.

So essentially they didn’t sedate me? It is a little as it’s kicked up the worry about having anything done in the future

Is that a very low dosage then? They never offered to give me more either :( I’m 5”4 and 82kg if that helps too.
It's on the low side, but you adjust the dosage based on the patient's response, you were clearly under sedated from your description so you should've had more.

No, height and weight don't really matter, the patient who holds my unofficial record for most Midazolam in one go was about 5'1 and 40kg. She needed 45mg and even then wasn't properly sedated. Had to abandon that one and do a different approach later :)