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IV sedation really IS as amazing as they say!



Oct 23, 2009
new england, us
i've been SCOURING this site for days now about extractions with IV sedation and despite most everyone's account saying it's wonderful and really not anything to worry about, i couldn't believe it.

but i sit here now, 3 hours after my own IV sedation extractions and can say first hand....it's the most wonderful experience i've ever had with a dentist. ever. and i feel astonished at how worried i was about it all. there is not one thing i would change about the appointment. perfect.

if you can make it to the chair and wait until the sedation is started, you have NOTHING to worry about.

my brief story.
i had to have an upper wisdom tooth, a molar in front of that wisdom tooth that was broken to the gum and a lower retained root from an extraction of a lower molar in november...all extracted.

they offered me IV sedation with valium and i was relieved at how accommodating and accepting they all were at the office. i was supposed to have the appointment next thursday, but they had an opening for today, so in i went at 8:30.

my dad drove me and waited for me, and i sat waiting and almost crying and going to the restroom every 5 minutes until they called me back. as soon as i was walking down the hall with the nurse, i started to cry and she did everything she could to comfort me.

finally the oral surgeon came in and tried to relax me. started some straight oxygen on me and that freaked me out! i guess i don't like things on my nose and i couldn't figure out how they were going to work in my mouth with the thing strapped around my face and nose.

they started the iv-didn't even feel a prick or anything-and kept asking if i was feeling the valium. i said 'no' once, and he said he'd add some more and in about 15 seconds i should start feeling things. i started getting drowsy and gave them the thumbs up and felt the nurse put the thing on my finger (don't know what it's called).

next thing i knew i heard myself asking how long i was there for as we were walking to the recovery room. the nurse told me "20 minutes" which had felt like 2 seconds. literally.

i layed in the room for 10-15 minutes and they brought my dad back. they changed my guaze and sent me on my way. walking to the car i felt a bit floaty and intoxicated, but by the time i got home (5 minutes), i felt fine and SO RELIEVED!!!!!!!!!!

it's over. i have to get my two lower wisdom teeth out and i have not one hesitation about it. none. i'd schedule it tomorrow if i didn't have to heal from these extractions.

i was so nervous that the sedation wouldn't work and i'd know what was going on, but i was out of it and i'm positive that even if i was aware, i wouldn't have cared one bit.

so, in short. i know you're going to worry and not really understand how truly amazing and easy it is under iv sedation, but honestly, you will be pleasantly surprised at the experience.

there's a reason why so many people have said it's amazing. it really is.

i've taken one vicodin so far, helped put both my kids down for their naps and now am resting on the couch with a movie.

i've been worrying about 2 of these teeth for over 10 years and they're gone and i'm FINE. and you (whoever is reading this and is as terrified as i was) will be too!

ps, this site is amazing and i would NEVER have gotten the courage to go and get it over with if it hadn't been for all these supportive posts and stories. i hope i've helped just one person a little bit :)

much love and peace to all,
GOOD FOR YOU!!:cheers:

I had oral surgery yesterday too and I had IV sedation too. It was my third time and I was still scared but I have a great OS so he makes me feel better. I didnt have Valium though. I had Versed and Fantanyl which are more like anesthesia type sedatives for what I understand. They act within about 30-45 seconds and I was out.

I totally agree with you. The first time I had oral surgery I was petrified but it turned out fine.

Happy Healing to you!!!:jump::jump::jump:
I'm so happy for you! I have a very similar story, which I have posted on here previously, if only I had known that IV sedation was available, and so effective, it would have saved me many months of pain and worry.
I feel that everyone should know how brilliant this is!
I so agree with you. I am so grateful that IV sedation is available for me. It has truly made all the difference.Its a bit scary for me becasuse I have deep hard to find veins and its a bit of a financial hardship for my husband and I because our insurance will not pay for it but its worth the extra effort and expense..