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IV Sedation really is as good as everyone says - 4 wisdoms out, no pain at all



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Sep 8, 2011
IV Sedation really is as good as everyone says - 4 wisdoms out, no pain at all

For weeks I've been hoping against hope that I'd be able to post a success story on here and finally I can.

I am 41 and have had no dental treatment for over 20 years. I knew 20 years ago I'd have to have my wisdoms out one day but that and other childhood dental memories kept me away from dentists. I was the archetypal phobic - would rather cross the road than walk past a dentist, i'd walk away from people talking about dentists and had been to a couple of unpleasant dentists in the past few years but cancelled follow up appointments.

A few months ago, I had aching wisdoms and jaw and came across this wonderful forum - finally I realised I wasn't the only one who had this phobia that I wasn't able to talk to anyone else about.

I knew I couldn't put off going to a dentist any longer - the debilitating fear has been an obstacle in my life I wanted to shake off. Not just that but my 7 year old son goes to the dentist now and I haven't been able to go with him. In addition, my bottom teeth were so stained with tartar I was embarrassed to open my mouth when talking and smiling.
Enough literally was enough so through this forum I was able to gather the courage to find an understanding local dentist who then encouraged me to have an x-ray. I think awaiting the results of that x-ray was the worst part of this recent journey.
I was in such a state of panic I found a hynotherapist to help me through and what an angel she has been. And what a relief it was when I was told that the x-ray showed wisdoms that had to come out, gum disease that needed deep cleaning treatment and 5 teeth in need of fillings. Bit different from my imagining I'd need all teeth removed.

Fast forward two months to the day of treatment yesterday. I've been seeing the hypnotherapist regularly and we had worked on getting through this day. i knew I'd have about 3 hours in the chair and had opted for I/V Sedation.

When you live with a phobia like this you can read as much positive feedback as there is out there for something like I/V Sedation but there is still a nagging part of you that doesn't think it will work for you. But let me be very clear about this - I/V Sedation absolutely does work - you are asleep, have no awareness of what's going on, for me it was like having a G.A. The staff made me feel so at ease I don't really even remember the iv going in. All I remember was sitting at home on the sofa afterwards.:)

I had spoken to the anaesthetist prior and told him I wanted a "no pain guarantee!" He told me he would put plenty of pain killers through the IV so there would be no pain. I have just emailed a thank you note to him as he was spot on - no pain whatsoever. I was half expecting to wake up last night in pain but again, nothing. I've kept up the regular nurofen/panadeine routine as prescribed by the dentist plus preventative antiobiotics but I don't really feel i need them. The only bore is eating soft food through a big straw for a few days - again purely preventative to stop food getting into the affected areas - really a small price to pay after decades of worrying. I also have to do the salt water drink after food.

In short, I know I couldn't face this fear and get through it until the time and situation was absolutely right but it does make me laugh how much energy and emotion I have wasted in the past on my fear of dentists. I thoroughly recommend seeking out a hypnotherapist who is experienced with phobias and as for I/V Sedation - I can't recommend it highly enough. It's a miracle. I also recommend having the old rescue remedy at hand particularly for the morning of the treatment - it certainly works for me. A final point i would suggest for others about to go through similar experiences - try not to discuss it with too many people - you have to avoid people telling you their horror stories as this will not in the least help with the positive state of mind you are trying to achieve. On this forum try to read the success stories to keep you positive.
Re: IV Sedation really is as good as everyone says - 4 wisdoms out, no pain at all

bravo!!!!!! I second the hypnosis recommendation, works for me!
Re: IV Sedation really is as good as everyone says - 4 wisdoms out, no pain at all

I haven't tried hypnosis... but I had three teeth out with IV sedation and it was WONDERFUL. I was really worried whether it would work for me, but I never knew a thing after they put the oxygen clip on and did their thing. Next thing I knew they were telling me it was all over and I could wobble my way out to the car and go home with my husband. The only drawback is how expensive it is, because regular dentists don't use it in the US - you have to go to a specialist, and they don't do restorative work, just extractions and implants. But if you have to have teeth pulled, it's just wonderful.