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IV sedation - so scared



Dec 7, 2023
Hello all,

This is my third post about this, and as the day draws closer my anxiety grows as well. I think I’m actually having a nervous breakdown. I cannot stop feeling like I will certainly die with IV sedation. I am writing letters to my daughter and husband, making sure to have everything printed out for them so they have easy instructions, and making plans as if all the times I’m doing things will be the last time. I’ve wrecked myself with guilt about having the sedation and dying because I wasn’t strong enough to just get a tooth removed without it, thinking I’m choosing to ruin my family’s life by dying. My mind is so dark and I am so scared. I’m not sure what I’m hoping to gain in this post, I just feel so helpless and like I’ve made the choice to have my own execution at my appt on Thursday. 😭
Hey! I want you to know I’ve felt exactly like you feel regarding dental work before. It’s intense, but not unusual! The dark thoughts, the guilt, the shame, obviously the fear and depression.

I’m going in a few hours to have my tooth removed under iv sedation and I promise I will return asap with all the details to prepare you.

I would say I am equally nervous like you but it ends today! Not going to live like this anymore!

You can do it too and we are all gonna watch our kids get old 🙌
@Akal it does help to know others feel this way too. It’s very intense, and I cannot shake the feeling that I will die and it’s my intuition telling me so I avoid it…but logically I know it’s my anxiety, as I don’t believe intuition comes in the form of being hysterical.

so glad you’re having yours done and I’m positive everything will go great! Sending prayers your way, Im excited to hear how it all went 🙏🏻
@Mrsmurray23 thank you! Also remember whatever meds they use in the IV (likely midalozam) they also have a reversal agent on hand for worse case scenarios.

So if by some CRAZY chance they do too much or notice your vitals headed in an odd direction they just add some of the antidote and it’s all good!

You (we) are going to be totally fine. Worse case scenario you are tired for a few hours and need to nap it off.
Done! Did it!!

You have to do it it’s so unbelievable. I was jittery and nervous and blood pressure off the charts.

He asked me about my job and we started talking about our daughters as he was putting the iv in. And with one second I didn’t care about anything. My jitters were gone and I way he’s my blood pressure and heart rate regulate.

It was a SUPER light sedation for me I felt cool and calm but not loopy or out of control. I just closed my eyes and drifted in and out of sleep while they took care of business. I felt the novacaine but again I did not care at all.

I just feel cozy and relaxed and snoozed and it sounds like there was some kind of issue they had to scramble for a sec but didn’t even bother me at all.

It’s such a breeze. It’s so easy. Getting out of the chair I felt heavy but completely coherent.

Any other questions let me know! There’s a lot of the procedure I do not remember. Right now im feeling super chill and just get to veg the rest of the day and watch shows and sleep!
@Akal I’m so glad you had such a great experience and you’re all done!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! I did text my dentist today and tell him I was feeling uncomfortable with him using fentanyl in my sedation mix and asked if he would consider using only midazolam (as the single drug has a better safety profile) and he agreed! That does bring me some peace, and hearing success stories like you’re too are so helpful!
@Mrsmurray23 that’s exactly what I had. You have nothing to worry about! You won’t even be anywhere close to dying or feeling like it.

I personally didn’t really go under it was very mild but I didn’t feel out of control or confused or anything.

and now it’s DONE!

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