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IV Sedation tomorrow - nervous



Nov 8, 2022
England UK
Morning everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has had recent experience with IV Sedation and wouldn’t mind sharing with me?

I have a wisdom tooth removal tomorrow and I’m nervous about the IV sedation; I think more nervous about the unknown as I’ve never had this done before!

Thanks in advance!
Hi Lisa, I can’t help with a personal story, but have you seen these IV sedation experiences here on our website:

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow - please let us know how you got on!

It wasn't bad at all really!

I went into the dentist, they sat me down in the chair, linked up the heart rate oxygen monitor on my finger, they tried going into my left arm but the vein they went into collapsed so they tried the right and was successful there!

I think they pushed through a little, and I can't really remember much after that! I remember waking up for a slight second whilst they were messing around with my tooth with the extraction tool but I don't remember being frightened or nervous, just an awareness of where they were and then I went back 'under' again as it were. I was in there for around an hour I believe, then all I remember after that was being at home in my blanket saying bye to my dad after dropping me home with my mom!

went to sleep for a few hours and that was that, apparently I said I was awake for the whole thing when I came out of the dentist but I didn't remember any of it (very odd)

I'd have it again for an extraction 100% just awaiting healing now, 2nd day with a little bit of pain fallen behind on my pain meds a little today as been busy at work! but feels fine really :)