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IV Sedation + Valium Story (No bad parts- all fears explained!)



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May 18, 2023
I read many success stories to comfort myself and I would like to pay it back. This is a long read so grab a tea and a biscuit. :)


  1. I needed a crown, a filling and a dental implant. I was afraid of choking, pain, dying, biting the drill, blood and general failure of teeth/ crumbling, loss of control, and uncertainty. I had a poor experience with someone uncaring, and I won't discuss it here, but it wasn't as bad as my brain had made out - but had become a big phobia point for me.
  2. Laying back was a big stumbling block for me. I felt fear I would feel choked and gagged by my saliva or tools.
  3. I was doing CBT weekly and dental hypnosis videos daily also, but that is a slow process, like turning a warship.


I had reached a point of being unable to get into the dentist without shaking. Even without anyone touching me, I was hysterical. I was also in pain and needed work.


  • This site, a prescription for valium (will explain at end) and a caring private dentist and IV sedation.

Fears listed - and what happened. TL;DR is do the IV. Do it, do it, do it.

- The valium will make me 'feel wasted drunk' or 'lose control.'

I woke up after a dreadful sleep and took my 5mg of my prescribed valium. I was so scared of the idea of the tablet. (Who gets anxious about anti anx meds? Me!) I instantly had a panic attack, which was not the pill (no way, as I had literally just swallowed it - it was down to my own thoughts and fears) and I'm used to those - but around 10 minutes later - I sort of gently slowed. The tears stopped and there was no 'what ifs' anymore in my head. Just a sort of simple 'la la la.'

Not happy or jubilant, just calm. I simply popped upstairs, dabbed on some make up on, just had a wee and lay down on my bed. Time to go? Okay. At the dentists? Okay.

There was no 'feeling numb/ dizzy/ cut off' or 'falling into a pit' or any of those fears I had before. I wasn't stunned or stupid or titled - just gently slowed down and docile. I had calmly got into the car, and was driven to the appt, I spoke a little bit and walked to the door and went straight to the room with the dentist. (Bear in mind, the last time I couldn't turn the door handle and wanted to run away this was a BIG WIN.)

- The IV itself will hurt

Caveat here that this was my second attempt at IV. I went in first, and wasn't hydrated (instructions say don't drink 1 hour before and I was too timid in my fluid intake) and I was a bit cold and fearful. I was overwhelmed. This meant they didn't find a vein in me. I ended up leaving and was in a right pickle - don't want to be conscious or unconscious. Argh!

So this time, 2 weeks later, while still terrified it wouldn't work, and terrified it would (I know) - I was prepared with a blanket, a stress toy to squeeze, dentist had handweights, it was 8am so less worry time, and I woke up and necked a big water bottle. My mum was with me and I asked her to stay in the room for the duration. (She did and she is amazing.)

This time, with a calmer me, it was straight in, onto the chair, was 2 small pricks and they found the vein, cannulated (you can't feel it, it's tiny, then off we went.)

It was 100% Painless. I promise.

They said 'take 2 deep breaths in.' I was calm. I did. He said 'all okay?' I said 'yes. My arm feels slightly cold. (Please note this was not like being cold and numb - and NOT like a panic. I wouldn't lie to you!) Then I lay back. (remember laying back was one of my fears. I didn't even THINK of it. And this had kept me up for months.)

Fears of the IV

- I will be aware and scared
- I will be there for hours and feel panicked
- I will be panicking and unable to stop them as I go under
- I will panic, falling under the feeling and will be too late to stop
- I will be mute and unable to cry out
- It will be like falling off a cliff
- I will be fighting it hard
- It won't work
- I will lose control (bladder, mind, what I say or do)
- I won't be able to stop them

I should combine these fears. I read stories and still thought, 'Okay so I will be calm - but I will still be there.' I don't think I got it. I had a vision of all the above happening - of consciousness sort of sliding away and me struggling to hold on to reality. It is not like that at all. You are simply not there when it comes in. You don't see yourself going to the light or slipping or sliding or any of that. The whole part of your brain that gives a single fig about anything has turned off and I was not inside myself, but I was?!

They said 'take two breaths', and I think about 3 seconds later, I had my head back. I felt the taste of some pads in my mouth and commented and said 'ooh they taste funny' but if you said 'elaine, did you speak after that?' I'd say no; I was quiet.

Did I speak?


I was

  • talking about biscuits
  • told them about a holiday
  • Mentioned my mother-in-law annoying me!
  • Came up with a jingle for Valium
  • My feet danced to the music (Jonas Blue, Fast Car)
My mum said I sounded jolly and was talking and answering.

I can remember 0 of this, and as I say, if my mum wasn't there I would swear blind I would have said nothing at all.

They said 'are you okay to do X or Y?' and I said yes okay
I apparently asked them to describe what was happening (a waste of time for them LOL)
I bit down and adjusted my crown on that paper stuff - I don't remember.

And I can't describe it better than to say I felt that I wasn't there. At all. No 'okay try and relax' or 'think of this' or 'not long' or even like being asleep or if it was good or bad - I just was not around. It wasn't scary, and I am scared of everything in the world. I truly believe if I can do it, anyone can. I had about 60 sleepless nights and nightmares. I wouldn't write this if it didn't work. It's incredible.

As I came out, I filmed a video to capture my instant reaction (content creator and marketer to the core) and I thought I had been in max 6 minutes. It had been about 2 hours!

I didn't 'think' of anything. I had downloaded podcasts and all sorts, and one fear was that for a 2-hour appointment, i would be bored as well as anxious! How would I distract myself for that time? Would I feel helpless, alone, and scared? I didn't even get my earphones in or hear anything, drills, tubes, anything - I promise with all my heart.

You can do this, and you will feel as euphoric as I do today.

Note on diazepam

Note, UK doctors aren't keen to prescribe valium and rightly so, as it is addictive and needs to be controlled. However, I found it helpful in getting me there. I showed him emails from my dentist and he called him and they discussed my need. He did refuse at first but I think when he spoke to my dentist with my permission, they saw the benefit. I was glad to have had it.

However, CBT was also a great way to get my mind straight and the book 'UnF*ck yourself.' was also helpful. If you can't get it, I would suggest some books, podcasts, stress toys and stuff to get you to the door. Then IV can do the rest.

No one can get your teeth done but you. It's annoying and grim. BUT IV sedation is like sending in a tribute or a proxy. Whoever elaine was in the chair, she did amazingly.

"There's a time for thinking...But ultimately you've got to step up to the plate and put what you know into action."

Sending you all the love and hope as you go on this journey.


Just wow.. you really overcame alot of fear and anxiety and came through! This is such a lovely testimony! Great courage!! :welldone::you-rock::jump::perfect:

Hi are you from the UK ?

I tried too have my tooth extracted and it’s was traumatic.
I have a fantastic dentist and we agreed too stop after the second attempt.
Now no fault of my new dentist, my old dentist knows I’m autistic and am hypersensitive and have trauma etc and did not do my referral forms properly too have it done at the dental hospital so it got refused .
Due too my tooth being bad and having an infection I said I’ll do it but it was horrible.( for me )
Now I’m hardly sleeping as am scared I’ll get another infection and no one will give me more antibiotics because I’m waiting yet again too be referred too the dental hospital.
I just feel like medical school don’t take me seriously at all which has now caused me too go through attempting too take my tooth out and now waiting for an acceptance.
Thanks for this though am hoping they accept me this time although they have requested I have it taken out under general anaesthetic which I’m okay with
Even reading this I just don’t know if I would cope .
I can’t get my head how your awake but can’t feel or remember and that’s so scary ? ( maybe that’s my autistic brain )
I have agreed for a general anaesthetic, I am awaiting for the oral surgeon too phone me on Thursday and I know they may suggest it again . I don’t know what to do at all .
Glad it went well for you . Wish my mum was still alive or my dad as he definitely would of come with me .
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have been out of my mind with worry because one of my teeth is not in good shape and I'm gonna have to deal with it soon. I will likely need an extraction and bone graft with IV sedation, not to mention whatever else will be needed afterwards. Your story has helped me to be a little less afraid, so thank you!
Oh you are so welcome! I lost my log in so haven’t been on but great to see it’s resonated.

I genuinely feel like a new person after doing it. I can’t stop smiling. I was debating just having a gap and I am SO glad I didn’t. It’s a big mental leap. But you can do it!

Any questions just ask away xx
That's so great! I'm so glad you're on the other side of it now and can smile!!
It must feel truly amazing!!

I was debating just having a gap, too, but will probably have to get an implant and other work.

Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂
If I have any questions, I'll let you know.
Keep smiling!
@Emogalelaine Thank you!! I am very soon doing an iv sedation 10 teeth bone graft and every time I think about it I just have to stop thinking about it. Many of the exact fears you had. So glad to hear it went well. Thank you. Do you know what kind of iv you had? was it called twilight? what was in it?
@katebirch1it will be perfect and you will feel so much better after. It was midazolam which I think is the standard UK one x