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IV sedation

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sun fower seeds

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Aug 5, 2023
Augusta, Ga.
I have hyperacusis (sounds are too loud) including dentist drills so dental IV sedatilon, as Natzuk wondered about, could be for me. So I'm wondering if you hear the drill when so sedated. If so, is it 100% or 10%.

If someone who has had that procedure can answer that, I would appreciate it. Or a study has been done.
I had IV sedation for a dental implant and I was 100% out, didn't hear a thing. I've also had IV sedation for other medical procedures and except for one time when I woke briefly I was out 100%. Never heard anything and was not aware of anything going on.
@sharon Sharon, thank you for your reply. I've been searching for that for a week, and seen others searching for that for years. Yeah, one person and one website can make a difference. Once I got my email working today, I got the answer before breakfast. And the answer was:
S H A R O N.
Thank you sun fower seeds! I hope your appointment goes well. IV sedation is nice, you aren't aware of anything, you wake up and it's over
Sharon, back to the drawing board. This is like a rollar coaster ride, or as Buddy Holly said, "Love like yours, it's a gettin' closer, goin' faster than a roller coaster." Since my original post about IV sedation, hyperacusis and dentistry, I've read on hyperacusis.net, "Sedation or sleep dentistry does not help for severe H (amplified hearing) if this is what you have. Do you have chronic T as well that gets worse with sound?"

And, "Most people can still hear when sedated, although the sounds may seem muted or distant. Your dentist can communicate with you while you are sedated and will monitor your level of consciousness throughout the procedure. You will be able to respond to commands such as, ‘turn your head’ or ‘open your mouth.’

This is true even with IV sedation as a dental assistant told me (sund flower seeds) recently on the phone: "Yes. If we ask you to turn your head, you can hear us."

So even this level of sedation (IV) doesn’t block out sound.

A dentist I went to recently recommended an electrical dental drill (57dB) which is lower decibles than a normal air powered dental drill (95dB). The electric drill also measured at, not 57dB, but at 80dB plus.

For electric drills, the higher number was taken by Hyperacusis Research (80dB plus) so I think that would be a much more accurate number than the company that sells the electric drill (57 dB). But still that is a difference beweetn 80 and 97. However, I've read that the dentist won't used the smaller drill for the entire procedure.

What I've learned by having H on July 4 is to put box fans near windows where fire cracker noise comes through. Sounds that get into my window(s) is met by sound waves from my nearby boxfan, and the two tend to nullify one another. Not completely, but also depending on how loud and nearby the firecrackers are.

Noise loves quiet. Noise hates competiting soundwaves coming in the opposite direction.

If I had to, I might consider a box fan near the dental chair, a sound machine in my lap, an electric drill.

Or sedation with a box fan near me and a sound machine in my lap. I would also tell the dentist to stop drilling after one second. And I would tell him how loud that was and might call off the procedure.

What is needed is more research, althugh you can't tell H person to undergo IV sedation when the drill miight still be too loud. Perhaps interviewing any H patients who have already tried the sedation to find out if it worked. I really don't think dentists are doing enough to look into this situation. Check this time next year to see how much has been done. Hello!
@sun fower seeds I wonder if there are any forums for people like yourself who suffer from hyperacusis? Maybe you could ask others what their experiences with dental handpieces/drills have been and what has worked for them? If you can find out any more info, please do report back!!
When I first began this quest about 10 days ago, the dental assistant said, "You need to see about sedatioin dentistry." I told her, "I'm not scared of the dentist. I have a sensative ears to noise problem." I knew there was a difference. Then when I went on the net, I guess I tyed in "hyperacusis, IV sedation dentistry" so the 2 probably got confused. But I did get to wondering if sedation would stop the sound. I don't think that it will, but I still haven't found an answer. So I guess I bounced around between hyperacusis and sedation, which throws me into dental phobia. So, there aren't many hyperacusis sites that I have found, one is closed one doesn't respond to questions. I'm now looking for sound cancelling tech, but I've also heard those devices don't work with high pitches like a drill. So I'm truly in a difficult situation. I'll try to let you know if I come up with anything.
It's possible I've heard sounds when on IV sedation but in the end I have absolutley no recollection of hearing anything at all. I know they say you can respond to commands, but whether or not they gave me commands to respond to, I don't know.

For comparison, many years ago I had an severely impacted wisdom tooth removed under local only. It was brutal, they had to drill into the bone to get at the tip of root. Felt and sounded like a jack hammer was going full throttle, it was loud and strong. A few years ago I had a dental implant under IV sedation. I imagine the drilling that had to be done to get that into the bone was similar to that of the wisdom tooth removal plus there was a lot of pushing and pulling and putting my head into uncomfortable positions. I don't remember hearing or feeling anything at all. I was out 100% from the time they put me to sleep to the time they woke me up.

I know everyone is different with how they react and it must be very unnerving to think about having a drill so close to your ears and how that will affect you when you are so sensitive. So I can't say with absolute certainty that you won't hear anything because I really don't know your situation well enough and I'm not "medically trained." I know there can be scary stories on the web about this, on the other hand, I know lots of people who have had IV sedation and not one of them has ever remembered anything at all from the time they were asleep until they woke up.

I've heard about the 5 second on, 5 second off method where they drill for 5 seconds, stop for 5 seconds. It takes longer of course, but it may be helpful in your case.

Have you tried either of these boards?


I do appreciate your comments. I was writing on another board not long ago about problem solving and noted that I was having a difficult time with that and I wrote, “If I could have just found somebody who cared.” It was written sort of as a joke, as in, you’re not going to find anybody like that. Well, I think I have and her name is Sharon. I do appreciate this. I have been sinking lower and lower, walking around the house coming up empty. Then I read your post.

It said:

“It's possible I've heard sounds when on IV sedation but in the end I have absolutley no recollection of hearing anything at all. I know they say you can respond to commands, but whether or not they gave me commands to respond to, I don't know.”

And you gave another example of that, with an impacted wisdom tooth.

You had already told me about your experiences with IV sedation. I had transferred them to a file on my computer, so they were there, but I had forgotten your comments. Then when you repeated them and added more data, it brought those rays of hope back. So I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I hear the feminine voice more than I do the masculine.

The Hyperacusis Network is closed, Tinnitus Talk is still going and has some space for hyperacusis so I plan to pose a question about IV sedation and dentistry on there.

I was way out in left field until I read your post. I appreciate your encouragement as well as your information, which I’ve never heard from anybody as far as sound and the IV sedation question. I was looking for someone who had had that. I’ll let you know if I get a response to some of these other questions.

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I can confirm 100 percent I dont recall hearing feeling anything during iv sedation . I recall coming round and chatting away but I assume this was because the iv had been removed . Its is super relaxing .
I know this is completely different, and not dental treatment, but my husband had half a knee replaced under conscious sedation (and an epidural for pain), where there is a lot of noise, like sawing and chiselling. He said that he was out completely for most of it, vaguely remembers drifting in and out and hearing distant sounds. But it wasn't loud like if he'd been awake. I can imagine that there was a lot of noise going on, so that can give you a good idea of how IV sedation works.

I've had it before and I don't even remember being 'conscious' or the dentist talking to me or drilling, all I remember was waking up in the little recovery 'room' which was more like a cupboard with a cot in it.