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Jaw and gum pain 4 days after extraction



Junior member
Aug 14, 2019
Hi everyone, this is my first post!
I had a toothache come out of nowhere last week, and managed to get into a dentist the next day.
Back story - alot of my teeth have decayed/broken since having 4 children, and of course, silly me avoided dental treatment due to major anxiety.

So, I go in and tell him I am wanting to get all of my teeth fixed, but before a treatment plan, etc, could we just extract this painful tooth.
He located the painful one, which turns out was infected. But then he was really blunt, and pressured me into having the two next to it extracted at the same time, since I would already be numb. The teeth are the back three on the left hand side, but not a wisdom tooth(sorry, I dont know the proper names or numbers!)
I literally started crying as he went ahead. He removed the infected tooth first, then the next two. The last one, which was in between these two, and the one I thought was originally infected, took longer to remove, he was on the verge of cutting my tooth and taking it in pieces, but eventually it came out. He then had to pull bone from the area that had split off.
I left full of adrenaline, because I actually did it! Pain was what I expected for the first two days, but yesterday and today I have developed pain all along my jawline and my gums. I am taking ibrophuen every 4 hours on the dot but it doesnt budge. Ive also been applying a heat pack alot. I am also getting headaches in the front and back of my head.
Tonight I was really getting fed up, I had a box of Amoxycillin here I didnt use a few months back, so I took one not long ago wondering if it could be an infection.
What could this be caused from? Do I need to go back, or will it get better? The pain rates about 5/10, not getting any worse.
I had dry socket in 2013 when i had a tooth extracted, and I know its not that. Would you take the amoxycillin just in case?
Thank you everyone!
TBH I'd rather the patient came back in so I could check the sockets out, so I think you should go back.