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Jaw and tooth pain getting worse after cavities filled



Junior member
May 4, 2008
Background: About a week ago I had a large cavity filled in my very last tooth on the bottom right hand side. The dentist warned me it was close to the nerve and would probably need a route canal, but as she worked she said it stopped short of the nerve and therefore would just need a filling. The next day I went and had a smaller premolar filling done, much easier and less painful. I had no trouble with the sever first filling, but the second fillings injections bruised my gums and lower right side of mouth for two days after.
The problem: When the bruising from the injections wore off, I began to get this severe throbbing pain around the injection area, but now it feels like it is spreading along the entire right lower jaw and up under the back teeth, which initially did not hurt. It feels like there's a little ball where one of the injections was, like pea stuck under my tooth, and it's still sore and heavy feeling.It's kind of like the heavy sensation you get with Novocain, but not numb, painful. The throbbing gets worse when I lay down, and orajel local pain gel isn't helping at all. It's not getting better it's been getting worse, so that four days after the fillings were done I can't sleep, and of course it's the middle of the weekend when my dentist is closed. Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this and what I can do about it? I've read through previous posts and there are some wonderful advisors on here.
It could be related to the tooth that had the very deep filling. Sometimes it can take some time before they start showing problems if they are beginning to abscess. Do contact your dentist ASAP to see if they can get you in to have things looked at.

One other possibility might be a slight hematoma at the injection area if it was a mandibular block. Sometimes a vein or artery could be injured leading to localized swelling and pressure as the area fills with blood. Usually it's self-limiting and should resolve, but antibiotics and painkillers might be needed. Let your dentist know what's going on.