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Jaw pain 8 weeks after impacted wisdom tooth removal



Junior member
Dec 3, 2016
I'm looking for some feedback and similar experiences. Let me preface this with I have a fantastic dentist who I trust completely. About 7 weeks ago, I had upper and lower wisdom teeth removed. The lower left was impacted (partially came in sideways) and difficult to remove. My dentist had to section it to get it out. Recovery was fine for a few days, then it dry socketed (I don't smoke). He applied the paste and pain went away immediately. Recovery was good for about another week or so. Pain returned (swelling, pain behind ear etc...etc). Went back to dentist and he said some of the paste was still in there and cleaned it out. He put me on a course of antibiotics just to be sure there was no infection. Approx 3 weeks ago I went back in as the pain had not gone away and he numbed me up, dug around in the socket and said he cleaned out some gunk. Again the pain had not gone away (swelling, throbbing pain that goes up ear). I went back in last week and he looked around it all and said the socket was healing very very well and there were no sign of infection at all in there. He thought the issue might be with the muscle that runs from the lower mandible right below the ear or the jaw itself attempting to heal itself. He said unfortunately it takes time for it to heal.
I can take advil and within 30-45 mins, the swelling and pain is gone. If I apply heat to the area it helps tremendously too. I'm not running a fever or feeling malaise at all.
More than anything I'm frustrated with the amount of time this thing is taking to heal, but after poking around on here I'm starting to think it may take months.
Any feedback on similar experiences is appreciated.

Hey there. Sorry to hear your achey. :(

Im on my 3rd week of healing after having all 4 out and it's been taking a while for me to heal too. Sometimes I still feel my jaw ache. Sometimes, usually around the extraction sites, it hurts and feels sore. Although that may be due to me brushing too hard Im not sure I try and be very gentle when I dink around and clean my mouth.

I was told it can take 3 months or more for things to fully settle down? I think it really depends on how much tissue there is in the extraction spots and how fast you heal. What do do they look like?

I hear you with being frustrated about waiting that long. Since I think im a slow healer...its looking like it's gonna take more then a month for me.