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Jaw Pain (post-op)......should I be concerned?



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Jul 17, 2023
Hello, at 65, I had to have my lower teeth extracted for my new dentures. I had it done in a surgery center and was awake for the whole procedure. There was a lot of "pressure" during this procedure and it was not pleasant at all to say the least. Next, are my upper teeth to all be extracted but this time I'm requesting an IV Sedation!
Concern now is that after 19 Days (post-op), I'm still experience really discomforting pain every time I have to "YAWN". And I can't open my mouth real wide yet as well, 19 days in! I'm kind of concerned about this! Should I be or is this just normal? I know everyone heals differently for sure!
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Do you have a lower denture in place now? Are you able to wear it (not easy against natural upper teeth).
If not then you're probably having some TMJ issues. It'll get better when you get the upper teeth done.
First, thank you so much Doctor for the valuable information. Much appreciated sir.
Anyway, since my lowers been out, No, I have not yet been using my Lower Dentures to answer your first question. I tried *just two days in, to see what would happen but it was just too painful at the time. To date on this, my gums are still a bit sore yet. Consistent 3-5 on "discomfort scale" sir. I just don't know when a good time would be physiologically speaking, as to not irritate my gum if I were to try again now, since I'm still experiencing this level of discomfort? Everyone heals differently, as you certainly would know Doctor!
And to this fact that this could be an TMJ issue and could possibly go away when my uppers are extracted? WOW! That's so unbelievable to image. Again....WOW sir.
And also "again", Thank You so much Doctor :), for your valuable info. you message to me.
Hi there. Your dentures will probably need some adjustment by your dentist before you can comfortably wear them. However, wearing them against your natural upper teeth is very difficult, not many people can manage to do it.
The trouble is at the moment, your lower jaw is able to over close, without your teeth to prop it open as it were. This will put some strain on your TMJ and muscles of your face. However, once you've got both dentures in place then your jaw will be held more in position and your jaw should recover.
In the meantime, you could try some ice packs held over your TMJ, (just in front of your ears) and into your temples if their is pain from your muscles there.
Thank you again Dr. Gordon sir. I will try to keep you posted to my progress if that is okay with you sir. Take care for now!
Fine by me, good luck with the next part.