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Jaw pain - tooth extraction



Nov 8, 2022
England UK

Trying to figure out whether this is normal or possibly more, had a wisdom tooth taken out Tuesday, I’ve got what I can only describe as a feeling of intense pressure in my upper jaw not a specific area, is this normal?

Yes. It make take up to 10 days for the post operative pain to really subside.

*picture below of hole after tooth extraction*

Still getting jaw pain and throbbing from the extraction site, I’ve tried to look at it to see whether I can see anything; the hole looks like it’s getting smaller but I’m not sure whether I have dry socket and whether I need to get in touch with my dentist?



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To add to the above, I had my wisdom tooth extraction done Tuesday; no major discomfort after, started getting a throbbing pain around day 3/4, put it down to increased blood flow and healing. Pressure also increased in jaw after extraction, it’s bareable without pain medication; however I would say I have a high pain tolerance in my mouth due to not going to the dentist. I’m using antiseptic mouthwash and that tends to kill the pain off for a little bit and then it comes back slowly over time. I also had a flat circular lump of white material come out of my mouth Friday, that didn’t smell delightful (sorry!)

The pain is tolerable, (given it doesn’t get any worse) I’m just wondering if there is anything I should be doing to try and help it heal? Do I have to go to the dentist to get it looked at or can I just continue with what I am doing and hope it just heals itself?

It looks like it's healing OK. I'd leave off the mouthwash, it's probably irritating things more than it's helping, just use warm salt water instead.
Tried salt water rinses instead today, calmed it down a little, I’ve just brushed my teeth for the night, and it’s started bleeding again, only slightly and it’s pretty much stopped (only lasted a minute or so didn’t bite down on any gauze) should I call my dentist tomorrow or is that normal?

-sorry for all the messages just not sure what’s normal and what isn’t!
No, it's fine, the healing area is very highly vascularised, in other words your body is pouring resources in to sort it out. It'll bleed easily with some slight provocation, don't worry about it.
Hi Gordon,

I went to the dentist they said all fine; however I’m now getting a pain in the tooth next to the one they extracted, hard to eat and chew on, is that normal? Or do I need to go back to the dentist?

Hey Lisa,

here is a post that you may find helpful:

Does it sound like what may be happening?
Hi Anarete,

I definitely think it’s something to do ligament wise! It’s only been today it’s started hurting putting pressure on it, no sensitivity to cold or hot etc anything like that
good afternoon facing the fears

I'm going to be posting a few questions but I wanted to say that I would love the answer to this question as well because the exact same thing happened to me last April at this time number 30 was extracted and number 31 went south not able to chew whatsoever.
chalked it up to crack tooth syndrome per dentist and Endo... took months to be able to even slightly chew on it finally turned the corner. but now starting to bother me months later.

sure hoping for a response for you because these guys are really good on this forum the dentist's Rock!
@Dr. Daniel I’m still getting a pressure feeling in my upper jaw, and the tooth next to my extraction hurts when chewing anything on that side of my mouth when putting pressure on that tooth, do I need them to do an X-ray? It’s been around 12/13 days now
Hi. How does it feel now? Any change?