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Jaw sore, tense, achey & now clicking



Junior member
Sep 4, 2018
Hellooo, long time since I've been here thankfully!

I believe I've had TMD for years, probably upwards of a decade, and it's never caused me too much problems aside from the occasional soreness on the left side. The last few days though, the right side has become very tense and sore, and I've now noticed that every time I close my mouth, right as my teeth overlap, I can hear a sort of rattley, clicky noise in my right ear.

I've never been able to hear my joint like this in my ear, and it's kinda worrying me. Is this something that will self-resolve or? My domiciliary dentist has just ended their contract for doing that kind of work so I can't see one at the moment
TMJ stuff tends to come and go rather randomly, which makes working out which treatment is actually effective a bit of a PITA for us dentists. Clicking from the joint is quite normal even without TMJ issues, it's not a sign of anything sinister. We have an excellent reference on TMJ issues here: https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/faq/tmj-pain/