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Jaw still achy in morning after root canal and dental work on same.



Junior member
Jun 28, 2018
Hi! I had a root canal without IV sedation on 6-12-18. My right jaw hurt mildly afterward. I only took a few Ibuprofen 600 mg given to me by the Endodontist. Vicks Vapor Rub on the outside of my cheek helped with the tooth pain before the appointment and after. On 6-21-18, my dentist put a filling in this tooth ( temporary?). My tongue fought him and I couldn't control it. He suggested for the temporary crown that I have an IV sedation. Why is my jaw still achy in the morning? Did my stubborn tongue cause my achy jaw? Will IV sedation calm my tongue? I also have a fear that I will swallow my tongue if I'm sedated. Thanks for any insight.
Hi BlueLuna,

it's been few days from your post so I just hope your jaw settled a bit by now. A root canal treatment and even fillings might need some time to settle so it's not unusual to have some discomfort, especially if you did several teeth at once.

You won't swallow your tongue when being sedated. You are actually not sleeping during IV sedation, you are just very very relaxed and cannot remember the treatment afterwards. As you are relaxed during sedation, your tongue will be relaxed too.

I would like to encourage you to talk to your dentist about your fears and to ask anything that might be worrying you. It's will not only help your dentist to ease your fear but also build more trust and rapport which is one of the main ingredients when it comes to coping with dental treatment.

All the best wishes