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Jaw underneath fillings still hurts 2 weeks later



Junior member
Sep 21, 2007
Hello everybody! I'm new here. My name is Rachel, and I'm 30 years old. I went to the dentist about two weeks ago. Oh boy did I have some work done. In three hours time, I had three tooth-colored fillings, one crown, and three wisdom teeth pulled. Here's the crazy part! NOTHING HURTS but the fillings on my lower left side of my mouth. The teeth themselves don't hurt, but deep underneath is KILLING ME. I know he had to give me a "block" with the novocaine. It has not settled in two weeks, and I'm on Advil constantly! Once I take the Advil, everything is fine. But when it wears off, my entire lower jaw hurts all the way up to the inside of my ear! Even weirder! My arm left arm and shoulder are now feeling strange....like, numbness and weakness. I've been back to him, and he's filed it down, but nothing. So I went back again, and he said he doesn't understand any of my side effects, and to give it another week to settle. What the heck am I feeling here???



Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Re: Please help...Very scared

Hi Rachel, :welcome:

You had a heck of a lot of treatment done in one go. I suspect that your jaw joint is really stiff after being open so wide for so long, possibly there's also some bruising caused by the block injection deep in the tissues and this is not helping. Try either some ice packs or warm packs on the jaw joint just in front of your ear and see if this helps. Also try not opening your mouth too widely when you yawn or when you're biting something, take very small ladylike bites of food and try to be as gentle on your jaw joint as you can.

Hope it gets better soon.