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Jawzrcisze product- ok for your teeth? or a bad idea?



Junior member
Dec 26, 2020
Hello out there in dental land! My oral health condition at this time is very good. Have been seeing a dentist regulary for several years and wore braces for 26 months just getting them off about 3 months back. I wear retainers at night and have no problem with them. Am 60 years old and look and act younger than I am. Enough about me but, have to give some background.
There is a product out being advertised. It is called "jawzrcise and it fits in your mouth and, it appears, you pretned to be chewing on it. While one does this, it exercises your jaw, chin and related muscles ( so they say ).
It looks very interesting to me and it not expensive so, was about to purchase it online. Then, I thought further and wondered if it may be bad for my recently straightened teeth?
So, wanting to get some profession opinions on this product-
Here is a promotinal pic of a model using the product. Their site is- jawzrcize.com1jaw.jpg

1 Would or could it be bad for my teeth?

2 Would it effect the alignment of them, etc?

It seems wise to ask a professional before proceeding with a purchase. I am very grateful for answers on this.
thank you!
Steve in Arizona


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Thanks for posting that, best laugh I've had in ages...

1) Not really. Can't see it helping your TMJ much if you used it for longer periods

2) Possibly, it'll generate some pressure on your uppers incisors, so it could in theory move them around a bit.


Well-known member
Dec 22, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
By the way, I see Healthline did a review of Jawzrsize. They talked with Dr. Parish Sedghizadeh, associate professor of clinical dentistry at the University of Southern California (USC) school of dentistry and Dr. Laurel Henderson, resident in orofacial pain and oral medicine at USC.

The problem with the product, according to Henderson and Sedghizadeh, is that the risks of using it far outweigh the benefits.

Specifically, issues related to the TMJ, such as a slipped or displaced disk — which can be caused by parafunctional jaw activities, such as this product — can be serious and permanent.

“Once the disk is displaced forward in the temporomandibular joint, it can’t go back. You can’t do a surgery. It doesn’t go back. It’s permanent,” said Sedghizadeh.

“If you do this even a little bit, I’m worried you’re going to have permanent destructive changes in the joint,” added Henderson.
and on the Jawzrsize website:
Jawzrsize LLC. makes no medical claims in the cure of any illness, safety of use, and or damage to gums and or teeth.