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Jiva Dental, Kingston Upon Thames



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
We have received the following recommendation:

Bob Bhamra
Jiva Dental
80a Eden Street
Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1DJ

“I had not received any dental treatment for forty years! I had an absolute phobia of dentists and everything to do with them. I contacted Jiva with my concerns and they were very reassuring. The dentist was honest about the treatment I needed but reassuring that what they did would be effective. As I was needing substantial treatment, I elected for IV sedation as I didn't think I could cope both physically and mentally with around three or four hours of treatment. Again, the procedure was explained and the reassurance I received from Dr. Bob, Georgia and the Receptionists enabled me to take the massive plunge. Everything they told me was completely true and accurate; I had zero pain and zero anxiety once the treatments began and walked out in astonishment 2 hours later. I returned one week later to complete the treatment. By this time my anxiety which had been at 10 was down to 2! The treatment went perfectly again, I had zero pain (not even 1%) and once the treatment began I was in another world. There was no stress, no feeling of panic and no trauma. The actual treatment was amazing and very effective. My dental health has massively improved and I feel much better both physically and mentally. Will I go back? Yes! Absolutely. I am happy to go back having been given a second chance to have good dental health and being grateful that Dr. Bob & his team really care about their patients and did a great job with me. I would be happy to speak to anyone who had a phobia to assure them that this is the place to come to for help, care and reassurance.”