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Just all around worried and stressed about all this



Jan 27, 2013
If you have read my previous posts, you know I had two decaying teeth and my wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago. I thought I still had one tooth to be pulled eventually but it wasn't as bad. Upon examining it closer, I noticed the tooth touching it is also decaying. These are both back teeth and before I fix any of my cavities I want to get them pulled first to get over with since they're all that's left to fix besides cavities. Now, since all of this stress from the teeth I got out a couple weeks ago, I have started to constantly worry and stress out over my teeth. I have this huge fear that they will all start decaying and I won't have any teeth and can't afford dentures or implants or anything like that. It terrifies me. I'm only 22 years old. It is literally all I can think about sometimes, my teeth. Today I started looking closer at some I haven't because my mind was too focused on the decaying teeth, and I noticed several cavities. Several. All over the place. Will these be easy to fix? They're small as far as the ones I can see. Also, i'm thinking of canceling my upcoming appointment to have those 2 pulled and rescheduling for after the 20th when I get paid. Is that a stupid idea? The pain went away for the most part, it just aches a little off and on. If it was infected would I know due to bad pain or could it hurt me or make me sick without pain? Thanks for reading
first of all you sound like me..When I went to the dentist I had every intention of having the last premolars extracted..They are stained (from my mouth rinse) they look fragile and have several dark spots on them...AND old large silver fillings in all of them..My young dentist said "yeah, we can do that....BUT>>>>>they are healthy teeth..We can remove the old fillings and replace with composite fillings..The stains will come right off when we do a cleaning...They are solid teeth.".(he says....but to me they are ugly and a big batch of problems waiting to happen on a friday night at 5:01 pm...So we agree to pull the back molar which has a fracture and has decay under the filling...on the next tooth the filling looks close to the nerve(which really worries me) and he said "well lets try and save it, I think it will be okay..He THINKS it will be okay..LOL...My luck, it will start to feel like it is going to explode when I cant get to see the dentist....See how I worry about everything????I guess there comes a time when we have to trust what the dentist says...your brown spots could be surface stains or very shallow cavities just starting..they should not be very expensive to fix..As long as your tooth isnt hurting now You could cancel your appointment..But I'd borrow money from family and pay them back on payday just so you wont be anxious for another two weeks...Just get it done...:)You will be more relaxed knowing they are getting taken care of...
Yes exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm the same exact way with worrying about my teeth. I just let all these issues go for so long and now it's all coming back on me at once lol. Part of me wishes I could get every single tooth removed and get dentures! I think I would feel so much better and relieved that way(don't worry i'm not going to really do it). But I feel overwhelmed with all of these problems. I'm kinda nervous the dentist won't pull these two and will try to make me get them fixed instead but like you said about yours, mine just look so fragile and oddly colored like they're about to start decaying any second now. I think I will go ahead and cancel my appointment for another week at least.
I would love to pull out the 9 remaining teeth I have on top to get dentures..I may end up doing it next year..I'm haveing issues with my front tooth now..I'm going to the dentist this week though to see whats going on..Good luck with your appointment. Let us know what he says.
I really wouldn't cancel the appointment, it is only longer for your stress and worry to grow even bigger.

The dentist won't and cannot make you have anything done that you don't want, it is your mouth and between you, you can come up with a treatment plan that suits you best.

You have to give informed consent for any treatment including an examination, so you will not be forced to have any treatment you don't want.

I would listen to what the dentist is saying and if you feel comfortable, follow the advice given. They are there for our good and will do all they can to help and save our teeth. All treatment can be done pain free and the stress we feel is much worse than the treatment turns out to be. Once teeth are gone, you cannot get them back.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover::clover::clover:

After writing all that you have to make a decision that you feel happy with, it is your choice and whatever you decide is the right choice for you.