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Just been to dentist and he is referring me for sedation!!



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May 31, 2008
Hi all!

Not been on here since 2008!!!

I got my front tooth done no problems and was dead brave but it didnt cure my phobia.

I have now been told I need 4 fillings across my top teeth all very small and I am not that bothered about having them to be honest. I had an xray today and I have 2 broken teeth that need extracting. The dentist knew from my phobia that I couldnt have that done in a normal dentist surgery so he is sending me for sedation. I don't know what to expect!! I had this when I was a kid and remember little bits and pieces especially the pain afterwards and in my head I can see my Dad acrrying me into a taxi coz I was still so out of it afterwards. Thing is they took out teeth that they didnt need to so thats where the phobia stems from and now I have to go through it all again!

I really want it to be done and know that it needs doing but I need to know what to expect as an adult.
Hi Kayleighbarker20.....I have just (a week ago) had 28 teeth out under iv sedation. The whole process took about an hour. I was awake/aware during the procedure but was relaxed all the time. When the surgeon had finish I got up from the couch and walked out of the practice with no problems. I didn't feel tired or out of it at all. Hope this helps. Read my thread "What to eat without teeth" if you need anymore info x Dee x
Welcome back Kayleigh
Just a thought but did the dentist make this decision for you rather than checking his assumption were correct?
If you can cope with fillings with just local, you can likely cope with extractions with just local. It might be worth considering this, since you didn't have a totally positive sedation experience (was it GA I wonder?) as a child.
Most people report back that i/v sedation is the bees knees but it depends whether you want to keep control or relinquish control during dental treatment.