Just got my Wisdom Teeth Out Yesterday!



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Nov 9, 2009
Hello Everyone!
I am happy to share my success story with everyone. I believe on Monday, I posted a thread regarding support for the removal of all four impacted wisdom teeth. I thought i had only two impacted, come to find out, all four were. I went to the oral suregon, & the entire staff was so comforting! You have no idea how nervous i was.:scared: I was freaking out! I'm an 18 year old scaredy cat when it comes to dentist. I was freaking out, days and nights before my appointment. I was thinking about it all day, everyday. I was crying and hanging on to my friends every word regarding their wisdom teeth. :cry:
I was put under, with GA. & my Dr. was very comforting. They put a little extra Oxygen in my nose through these tubes, checked my blood pressure, put a little thing on my finger to check my heart rate. Wasn't discomforting at all. Then, He put the IV in, and i didn't feel a thing! I didn't even know he put it in! He started making jokes and was like, "You're gonna start feeling the tequila now." lol. I started feeling a little weird, but a cool weird. Then, he started talking again, saying, "just picture you and your boyfriend on a beach with warm sand in between your toes." Then BAM! I guess i knocked out without any warning. Next thing i knew, i woke up and my mommy was in my room with me. :) I was super happy. I didn't even know i conked out. ahah. :D It was the fastest procedure ever! My surgeon was amazing! He probably finished each tooth 3-4 minutes. But i want every one to know, that yes, i was scared out of my mind. I even brought my baby blanket with me when i got my wisdom teeth done. They put it over me, and then another big comfy blanket over me. So i was tucked in like i was going to bed. lol. My face isn't even swollen after the procedure. They gave me a little baggie with little take care gifts. They gave me a bag of Chicken Top Ramen, Chap Stick, a little brochure on how to care for my wisdom teeth, and my pain killers, and a whole bunch of goodies. I remember when i woke up, i felt like i was sleeping and i wanted to go back to bed. :cloud9: So for the ones who are nervous and scared, DON'T WORRY! I was there with you! Be happy! & it's okay to ask questions to your nurse or doctor. They will be happy to comfort you. It was my first surgery ever. & it was the easiest and fastest one ever! I'm glad to have it done and over with. I am extremely proud of myself! When i got in the car, my boyfriend greeted me with a teddy bear in the passenger seat. I named it Bravery. :thumbsup:

For those that are worried, don't be. Me worrying was for nothing. Filling out the paperwork and all the financial stuff took actually longer than the actual wisdom teeth removal procedure! Especially if it's your first procedure, i can understand how crazy your heart will be racing. My was beating super fast. I was thinking the worst possible thoughts. Such as Anesthesia Awareness, the IV bruising my arm, slipping away and even losing control. Don't worry about any of that. You will be knocked out! You won't even remember you fell asleep. They let me lay there, so the anesthesia could ware off, so when i got up, i wasn't nauseous or vomiting, i was perfectly fine! These are trained professionals, they will take care of you. I'm one happy girl! & you will feel so relieved after. :yay:

Thank You to all that have posted to my support thread. They really helped! :XXLhug:


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Jul 26, 2008
Fantastic news angieepiee :jump:

Isn't the most amazing feeling when it is all over, now you can relax and look forward to a worry free weekend.



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Mar 30, 2009
3 cheers for you!
I am sure you are so relieved to have it done! Super job!