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just had 16 teeth pulled, no sedation! im alive!!!



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Jan 22, 2014
I just got home from having 16 teeth pulled with no sedation, i was awake and completely aware for the whole process, my dentist would not sedate me since i had no one with me, i told him i would take a taxi home but he would not accept that, [ my secret plan was to actually just sleep off the sedations side effects in my car and then drive myself home] now here is the AMAZING part of this tale... I survived!!! want the gory details???
STOP READING NOW IF YOU DONT WANT THE DETAILS here are the facts, "just the facts mam".


i got over 20 lidocaine injections in my gums, upper and lower, in the roof of my mouth, at the joint of my jaw on both sides, just about everywhere but my tounge. and at least half of the injections were really painful. then the removals began. i had earplugs in but i could still hear the noises. i felt no pain. then the empty sockets were packed with cadaver bone mixed with my blood that had been drawn earlier, [4 tubes] this"packing" was done so a base will form and at a later date i can have implants screwed in. i felt pressure but no pain. then came the stiches, alot of them, probably about 4 feet of silk thread. still no pain. but i could sense the sewing needle poking new holes into my gums. poke, pull, tighten, repeat. all done! now it was about 1 pm, surgery started at 8:00am. i had to wait 2 hours after surgery for temporary dentures to be completed, during this time i sat in my car, the lidocaine wore off, my mouth was bleeding badly and the pain was tremendous. i went back inside, about 3pm, to get my dentures and the dentist gave me more lidocaine injections it was the only pain releif option available to me because i was alone. They hurt alot, again, but i only got about 7. I had to get them, I had to hold off the pain til i drove myself home and to pharmacy to get the demerol that was prescribed.
So, in conclusion, the good news is... i'll never have to have a tooth pulled again. the bad news... is the demerol is not working like magic, i was hoping it would take away all pain and or put me to sleep its doing neither. the 20/20 hindsight is... i should of hired someone to be my freind and come with me so i could have had sedation and therefore less or no pain.

if your interested in my thoughts before, during and after surgery here they are...before= scared, confused, anxious.

During= i hope i dont get an infection like mrsa, i wonder if the dentist thinks im a druggie, {im not}.

i wish i was rich, on a tropical island with the best doctors, the best drugs and a special person just to soothe me with a beautiful acoustic rendition of "in the arms of an angel" also thinking this is barberic, in the future they'll probably be able to fix a tooth in 5 minutes with a laser beam, as it stands now the only thing differnt from 100 years ago is the lidocaine .

After= i'm one tough broad and the next time i fight i wont have to worry about getting my teeth knocked out! cant wait to get back to the gym!!!! if you are a woman reading this and you have had a child by natural childbirth [no drugs, epidural, etc] then think of it this way.... having multiple teeth pulled with only lidocaine injections like i had, is on par with the pain of childbirth only difference is nobody says "congradulations":jump:
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my dentist would not sedate me since i had no one with me, i told him i would take a taxi home but he would not accept that, [ my secret plan was to actually just sleep off the sedations side effects in my car and then drive myself home]

I'm with the dentist on this one....it would be just the same as drunk driving..

Anyway - congratulations on getting through this. Best wishes or your recovery and the implants going in :)

Great job veronica!!!!

It doesn't sound fun at all, but now it's OVER!!! :jump::jump::jump::jump:

Keep up with the pain meds. I don't know about demerol but a lot of the narcotic pain drugs take some time to build up in your blood and don't work immediately. In any case the pain should subside over the next day or two as the healing continues.

The other good news: all those bad teeth are no longer in your head, and your body will be much healthier and happier now without having to fight infected teeth.

You are AWESOME and STRONG and BRAVE and FANTASTIC, and you survived and can now start the next chapter.

Wonderful job and congratulations on a huge accomplishment! I'm very very proud of you.
Well done you were indeed very brave :respect:.
Dental injections can be done comfortably so anyone following in your footsteps will not necessarily have to suffer a fate equal to unanaethetised childbirth.
Sedation would have made the whole thing easier for sure. When my grandparents had teeth removed for their dentures back in 1920s say, nitrous oxide GA would have been used. Might have been better but never a fun day out to lose multiple teeth in one go.
Best wishes for your recovery.
Veronica... Wow! You have been so very brave. Now you just need to carry on healing, and as you said, you'll never have to worry about your teeth again. You are a star!!!

Well Done Veronica, I too had my extractions with just local no more than 7 at any one time but I wasn't able to have sedation either, luckily I had no stitches and had my temp teeth put in after the final extractions, just a big well done I know what it's like and want to wish you a happy and speedy healing xx