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Just had 3 crowns put in, is pain normal?



Junior member
Jul 20, 2022
United States
Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I went to the dentist for the first time ever. Thankfully it wasn't as scary as I was thinking it would be (which is why I had been putting off going for so long) and I actually didn't have as many problems as I had anticipated. I thought for sure they were going to tell me all my teeth were rotting and I had gum disease, etc, but as it turns out I just had 3 cavities on my back molars and the solution for that was to get crowns. I think they had to take away so much of the tooth to get rid of the cavities that the crowns were necessary to support the remaining structure of my teeth.

Today I went in for my appointment to have the crowns put in. They had given me anxiety medicine beforehand so the procedure itself wasn't bad at all, it honestly felt like 20 minutes even though I was actually there for 3 hours. Now I'm home and the anxiety medicine and numbing they used has worn off, and I'm in a fair amount of pain and my gums are bleeding. Is this normal? My dentist said I would be sore for a few days, but I'm just extremely paranoid that something went wrong and the pain I'm feeling isn't right. Has anyone else had crowns? What was your healing process like?
Is this pain which needs more than a couple of ibuprofen to handle or less?

if it is more than simple pain killers can deal with then call your dentist back.

If it's OK with some mild pain relief then it should be fine and will settle down in a day or two.
@Gordon Thanks for responding! Ibuprofen seems to do the trick. It's my first experience with dental work, so I think I was over reacting some