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Just had full mouth extraction, need help!!!!!!!!



Junior member
Jul 19, 2012
Ok, about 12 hours ago I had a full mouth extraction done with no sedation or benzodiazepine to help with the procedure. I had 4 teeth removed from the top and 7 removed from the bottom. I have been in severed pain ever since then. I'm just miserable. To the point where Im being a real dick to my lovely girlfriend and also my very supportive parents who were nice enough to pay for this procedure. I have not slept one single bit. The dentist prescribed me twenty(20) 7.5/325 Hydrocodone/APAP. These things are not working worth a damn at all. I'm almost tempted to go to the Emergency Room or something.

Let me add some more here. A few months ago I had a nasty fall and shattered the scaphoid bone in my left hand. The bone pressed up against the nerve and thus made my thump and 2 first fingers get VERY swollen, numbness, tingling, burning, lightning like nerve pain. My doctor put me on Hydrocodone 7.5mg while we were getting ready to do surgery. I was on it about a month. Then I had a Scaphoid reunion surgery and he had to use a piece of donor bone to fix it properly. He essentially rebuilt that part of my hand and made one scaphoid out of 4 different pieces of bone. He also did a surgery to the median nerve in my left hand to relieve some of the swelling the hopefully get the feelings back in my left hands thumb, pointer and middle fingers. So essentially he rebuilt the bottom of my left hand. It was a pretty serious surgery.

After surgery I was put on 15mg Roxicodone for a week, 5-6 times per day for about 5 days. Then we stepped down to 10mg Percocet for the next week, then down to 5mg Percocet for another week. After that we stepped down to the 10mg Hydrocodone because the bone still hurts sometimes but also the nerve pain from that median nerve is bad sometimes. I stopped taking the 10mg hydrocodone a week ago once I found out my mom and dad were going to pay for me to get my teeth done. So I was off of it about a week. I talked to my Doctor that did my hand surgery and he said to make sure to tell the dentist about my surgery and medication history because I was on those meds for so long he said that whatever they would normally give would probably not alleviate my pain at all due to how long I was on the Oxycodone/Hydrocodone.

I went over all of this with my dentist. He didn't seem to give a crap at all and wrote me for twenty(20) 7.5/325 Hydrocodone/APAP.This is not helping me one single bit. It almost as though he didn't believe me even though my left hand/wrist is still in a fiberglass cast. They were using 3 pins stuck through my wrist to hold the new Scaphoid in place for the first month and then we took them out and went to the cast. I am just in complete misery. What should I do about this? Should I call this dentist when 8:00am rolls around? He seemed pretty serious that all he was going to give me was the 7.5/325s. He is also 250 miles a way. I am at a loss here. I do also have a very nice local doctor that has always taken care of me and my family. Would I have better luck calling him and explaining the situation and see if he will see me about this. I think this is my only other option other than going to the Emergency Room where my mom just so happens to work. I know they will give me like 3 days of pains meds but usually they only give like 12-15 5mg/500mg Hydrocodone/APAP but obviously if the 7.5s don't work I don't see how this will help me. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Its 4am, im miserable and got a few hours before stuff opens up. Thanks everyone. Sorry it is so damn long lol.
I'm hoping to get some opinions on this soon. Its 530am and I am going to start making calls at 8am. Thanks! -Cosset
bump bump bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bump again. wtb some good replies! -Cosset
Nobody has any idea on this? :( God I'm so miserable!
what every you take don't exceed 1000mg of acetaminophen every 6 hours. dont drink any alcohol.
I can not recommend any specific drug regimen as I don't know you well nor are you my patient but certainly you could talk to your dentist or MD about taking more than 1 pill at a time and consider combing with a NSAID for a couple of days. This type of strong pain usually is pretty short lived. I presume you are in the USA and your dentist can NOT call in oxycodone but your MD might write for a few pills if the above doesn't work
Yea I am going to call my MD in 45 minutes when they open. I think that is my best bet. I went out of my way to explain to the dentist my history, recent surgeries and how long they had me on pain meds and why. He didn't seem to care and made it clear all he would write was the hydro 7.5s. :( well see what happens! -Cosset
I can only imagine what you must be feeling I had pain after my extractions and a real fun time with a dry socket the last ones I had, but you sound like you are in absolute agony - I don't have any practical advice but I do hope you start feeling better soon and one day all this pain will be worth it. Good Luck x