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Just had tooth extraction....in tears :(



Junior member
Aug 10, 2016
Hi all,

I've just been to the dentist to have a tooth extracted.....I had four that needed to be removed.....I was nervous but proud of how well I done with getting the injections....especially the dreaded one in the roof of my mouth which to be honest weren't as bad as I thought it would be....so dentist did the checks to see if I was numb and then we were good to go, all was good at first but then I felt alot of pain my dentist was great he stopped and gave me another shot....that was were it all started to go wrong. After alot of breaks and more shots then I care to remember finally that blasted tooth was out, dentist gave me the choice to leave it there or to try for the other teeth, I was feeling rather brave and thought best get it over and done with so told him it was worth a try. I once again needed more numbing stuff but I still felt an incredible amount of pain and had to ask him to stop. Im so happy that I have an amazing dentist he reassured with everything and has said there are other ways to help get me numb next time but didn't say how (probably because I was in tears and rushing to the door) could anyone tell me what these other methods could be? And does anyone have any idea why someone doesn't get fully numb?

I'm terrified of going back now, it's a rather disheartening as I was shaky but in a relatively happy mood today joking with my dentist and now I'm gonna have to start again :(

Thanks in advance xx


Well-known member
May 14, 2013
Hi -

Sorry to hear that, sounds like a horrible experience! :XXLhug:

Re numbing - there are lots of things they can try, and there are lots of reasons why people might have difficulty numb - could be unusual anatomy, or something about the way you metabolise different drugs, or infection, or even just having red hair (really!). There will be plenty more that your dentist can try, and it's great to hear that he's sympathetic and willing to put the effort it - you've got a good one there!

Some of the things they can do are things like trying different drugs or combinations of drugs (there are several), different injection techniques to allow for unusual anatomy, or even just giving you the injections well ahead of the treatment so they have much more time to work properly! Everybody is different and what's important is that you have a dentist who knows this and has things they can try.

Take care of yourself x I know sometimes it feels like you're right back to square one, but you're not, it's a different square. You did really well to go today and get through all that, and that is progress in itself.


Junior member
Mar 15, 2008
Ugh you are brave! Dental pain is the worst pain imho and I've had 2 children. When I had my wisdom teeth removed and another molar extracted I was put to sleep. There is a mild IV sedation that puts your to sleep but you may come to, off and on, and be able to answer questions and such. However, I think they can also fully put you to sleep. Sedation dentistry is the way to go. You can even ask for valium or some kind of sedative pill that will relax you before the appt and during. This helps your body accept the novacaine too, being relaxed. If you are tense or nervous, it is more likely you might have difficulties getting numb. Good luck!

(I'm here because I'm in the middle of my own treatment and I'm a huge dentalphobic person. I had 2 crowns on molars last week and one needs to have RCT scheduled for this Tuesday. The pain is so bad at times I have Vicidan to help. I'm scared sh*tless of the appt so I will take Valium before and I always demand extra novacaine and a block for this bottom molar, which gives me trouble getting numb.)