Just home after wisdom teeth and one second molar removed



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Jul 28, 2021
Im 55 and just had all 4 wisdom teeth as well as a 2nd molar on the bottom right removed under GA. Oral surgeon had me take a Valium (10mg) an hour before going in. I was very stressed about the IV and my blood pressure showed it even with the Valium. The IV really did just feel like a very small pinch, much easier than the ones I've had before for childbirth. After the IV was put in my blood pressure went back to normal, the oral surgeon came in, asked me how I was doing which I replied fine to and then.....nothing. I woke up what felt like 30 seconds later. They left me in the chair for about 15 min doing BP checks then that was it....moved me to a wheel chair, spoke with my husband and home I went. I don't feel tired, woozy or anything...my mouth is still completely numb but I feel great right now. I still have the gauze in for now but I'm forcing myself to just sit in the recliner and watch a movie. My 21 year old son also had his bottom 2 wisdom teeth done at the same time and he is very groggy so I'm keeping a close eye on him. I can't believe I went so many years with on and off pain and swelling....fear really is a powerful thing.
I plan to have both of us take the prescribed pain meds as soon as the numbness starts to wear off and for now its a waiting game to see how this goes the rest of the next few days. Loved that I was able to use this site for continued reassurance as I waited for this day.


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Jan 1, 2005
Congratulations ningenku 🍾 - great to hear that it went so well! Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery 🤗