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Just How My Life Is Going and Teeth Updates Every Time I Have an Appointment



Junior member
May 26, 2021
Ok, so I have an appointment tomorrow, very scared for what they are going to say. Like they could say my teeth need to be pulled, or that the work that needs to be done will cost $8,000. What will my grandma say? will she yell? will I get beat? I'm so gods damn terrified. I'll update tomorrow at the end of the day or Friday morning. Wish me luck.
Hey, how did your appointment go on Wednesday?
It went well. I though it was a full exam but it wasn't. It was all good. In two weeks I have the full exam that I was terrified about. So I'll update how that one went once it happend.
Aight. Full exam is today. I'm so nervous but I know it's not the end of the world. No matter what happens. I'll update when it's done and let y'all know how it went.
Good luck! :clover:It‘s ok to be nervous and you got this anyway! ;) Let us know how it went.

Hope your full exam went well.. Let us know how it went


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