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just told need all teeth pulled



Junior member
Nov 14, 2013
i am 50 years old and have 80 to 90 percent bone loss. My dentist said my only option is pulling all teeth and getting dentures. I am freaking out. How bad is the extraction what is the healing process like and how hard are dentures to live with. Please help i am seriously suicidal right now. I cant stop crying and shaking. Thank you.
Hello and welcome to the forum:)
This must have been a big shock for you and that in itself takes a bit of coming to terms with but this will be fine you just need to take one step at a time try not to get too involved in the full journey in one go, you will have in the end a healthy mouth, this year I have had 17 teeth removed and a full upper denture and a partial lower, just leaving 6 lower front, I had mine removed in stages most was 6 at a time with local injections and I was back at work by the third day, it is not easy but also it's not too bad either, the bottom denture is more tricky than the top, the extractions were in May and June and I can now eat a softer type of Apple and eat most other stuff Barr steak which I don't eat very often any way, I had immediate dentures put in and in the new year I will be getting my permanent set, there are lots of people here with all sorts of experiences with dentures and I would say have a look through some journals, don't get too over loaded with everything small steps is better, please feel free to ask questions you will not be short of advice, stay in touch, and good luck :clover:

Thank you so much for responding: ) i appreciate your kind words. I will keep in touch .
we see lots of people who have had the sort of bad news you're struggling with. You have my sympathy and I think DJ's advice of one step at a time is really good.
What I can definitely tell you is that if you have 90% bone loss is that your extractions will be gentle and so the healing should be pretty straight forward.
The denture wearing experience is different for everyone. Generally the lower denture causes the most difficulties and I would strongly recommend that you have two implants to stabilise it. There are other options with implants available to you as an alternative to dentures altogether.
Some people do really well with upper dentures and dentures can be made to look really good. The key thing though is confidence - if you feel you can trust your denture to not let you down then it's fine but if it's going to slip when you eat or talk then you need to look at alternatives.
Let us know how you get on and remember to do one step at a time.