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Just Venting...



Jan 11, 2018
I went for a dental consult. Just a consult to see how bad my teeth are. I haven't been to a dentist in like 10 years. Anyways, this dentist is new to town but came from a different office. (She bought the office here). So I got x-rays done, and answered the medical history questions. Then the dentist comes in. She asks if she can take a look. All good. She scraped some tartar or plaque off my teeth but never stayed in long AND told me if it was too much to raise my hand. I was ok. Except when she said i can take a swallow before she took another look. My mouth was so dry. Is that due to the anxiousness or because I had my mouth open? Anyways, I'm super happy that this dentist is so nice and patient. It gives me a little hope that my extractions will be easy peasy. Still scared though. I hope everyone who has a fear of dentists can find one that is so understanding, compassionate and caring.


May 31, 2017
dry mouth definitely could have been anxiety or keeping your mouth open so long. Maybe she was trying to put you at ease as well. A lot of people have a fear of not being able to swallow while the dentist has tools in their mouths. Sounds like you have found a great dentist!