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Kettering, Northamptonshire



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Jul 28, 2009
Mawsley Dental Clinic


I hadn't been to the dentist for ages and only ended up at Mawsley because they were the only place in the area taking NHS patients. When I called to make my first appointment I told the receptionist that I was phobic and she immediately told me that I could see one of the dentists who was 'good with nervous patients'. When I went for my check up last week I was terrified, but the dentist already knew I was nervous and really tried hard to relax me. Went to have a tooth out today and, even though it all went a bit wrong (tooth broke, root left - not nice) I have no complaints at all about the dentist. She was brilliant this morning - very calm and reassuring. The nurse was also really good - held my hand and really made me feel better. The dentist chose to stop after the tooth broke becasue she could see how distressed I was getting and decided that it would be better for me if she referred me to an oral surgeon. I left the dentist at 12.00 and by 4 the nurse had called me to say she had made me an emergency appointment - reassured me that it would be fine, told me what to expect tomorrow and generally calmed me down again. While I definately wouldn't say that my fear has gone away, I won't have a problem visiting them again in 6 months. :D
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