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Kind of freaking out after having wisdom teeth removed



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Jul 14, 2018

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed about three days ago. I was put out for the procedure so that is not whats bothering me. Having these holes in my mouth is just freaking me out to be honest.
I am too afraid to eat anything and I cant stop making sure there is nothing in them. I finally tried to eat, but some got stuck in the holes and I couldnt get it out so I went to my dentist.
They got the food out, said it looked fine, gave me a little syringe flusher thing and sent me on my way.
That being said, I am still terrified to eat anything. If i manage to eat something, I start freaking out thinking its in the extraction holes.
I am also afraid of over cleaning it, under cleaning it, or moving my jaw too much. I end up waking up in the night just to check it.
I am aware that it is an overreaction and/or overdramatic, but to be honest I'm breaking down multiple times a day with worry and fear.
I have heard that it takes multiple weeks for the holes to close, so i dont know what i'll do

I dont know, I guess I'm just hoping for some advice that might make me feel even slightly okay with eating, or not checking on it every second.
Hi Nallina, I just read your post and can sympathize with you. When we are fearful of things we do not know, it sends us in a turmoil, especially with our teeth. First of all, you had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out at the same time? Wow, you are a brave girl. Kudos to you. How did you deal with the bleeding, did you have swelling, bruising?

4 days ago, I had just one wisdom tooth out, it was not impacted, and it went well. But I am just like you, worried about every little thing, food getting in the hole, swelling, bruising, how to brush "around" it, ice packs, moist heat packs, and noticing every small "ache" or discomfort. Yikes, it does drive you crazy. The biggest thing for me, is how to eat so not to get food in the socket. I am literally eating things that are soft, mushy, etc., with gentle rinsing afterwards. And I don't even want to look "there" yet.

I think all in all, we are over-worrying, but it does get on your nerves, because it is such a sensitive part of our bodies. I think as time goes along, you will realize the body self-heals, just make sure you follow the dentist's instructions as best you can, and the healing will take place.

Thank you for your candor and I wish you well. Like I said, we are worry-warts, and only time and proper post-op care will make it better.

I wish you well and have a nice day.
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