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Aug 4, 2009
If you need a "gentle dental," Dr. Paul Smith is the dentist for you. I was searching for a dentist in my area because I have had so many dental-related fears.


I was especially afraid of being numbed -- I was worried I would panic -- or worse yet, choke and aspirate if I couldn't feel liquid on my throat, have to be put on a ventillator to revive me, end up with brain damage -- well, I think you get the picture. In short, I was really afraid when I sat down in Dr. Smith's chair. I was so afraid I was going to panic when I started to feel numb, and freak out for the next 4-5 hours and die of a heart attack. I was also afraid I might feel pain, jump, and cause him to cut my tongue off. Do I sound like a basket case? Read on . . . .

This very gentle dentist understood all my fears, explained everything to me thoroughly, and by the time he was ready to inject me, I was already calmed down 80%. His dental assistant stayed with me while I became numb, which was comforting and took my mind off the initial feeling. After a few minutes, and realizing I could breathe and swallow -- just like he told me, I calmed down 100%. I could also feel when it was time for me to swallow, and his assistant also kept my mouth almost 100% free of any liquid. For me, I just need to swallow now and then, liquid or not. He stopped every time I wanted to swallow, and also stopped every couple of minutes just to give my jaw a break, without even being asked.

At one point during the crown preparation (on lower back molar nonetheless), I actually thought I might go to sleep. No kidding! I was THAT relaxed. And I was not on any sedation medicine or laughing gas -- just numb. (I don't like to be sedated or use gas because I have to know what is going on all the time.).

I have so many comfort requirements, and he met every one of them. The drilling, filling, impressions, and everything that goes with having an old filling removed and the tooth prepped for a crown was like a walk in the park once he got me over the fear of "feeling numb."

I've tried several dentists over the past few years and through many procedures, including root canals and fillings -- and I'm telling you, I have NEVER been worked on by a more gentle, understanding, caring, and skilled dentist as Dr. Smith.

Did I say skilled? On my first visit, I had 3 upper fillings, and not a single problem from them. Ate on them after I got home -- no pain, no discomfort. On my next visit, I had the crown prep on lower molar and another lower molar filled, and no problems at all! Well, there was a little bit of tooth trauma pain, but I went back the next day, and he put something on my tooth, and I didn't feel any tooth trauma after that. My gums are not even sore.

Gentle? He is so gentle that I felt no discomfort at all during the visits. His use of instruments is on the mark -- i.e., he doesn't slip and nick your cheek or gums. His instruments go where they are supposed to go, and nowhere else.


I have to go back again for one more crown on another lower molar in a few weeks, and I am not afraid at all! Any fear I had is completely gone. You can go to his website and read testimonials, and when you make an appointment, they are very good at getting you in right away. If you are in this area and have any dental fears at all, I would urge you to give him a try.

See his info below:

Creekwood Dental
Paul B. Smith, DDS
2815 W. Lake Houston Pkwy
Suite 110
Kingwood, TX 77339
Phone: 281-360-5646
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