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Kiss chase gone wrong



Junior member
Mar 3, 2016
When i was 10 i was playing kiss chase (cool i know) and ran face first into a girls forehead, i had to have 7 stitches in my lip and somehow my front left two teeth didn't fall out. my dental hygiene as a kid wasn't great but it is not, recently i have had a white lump appear between these two teeth and they have become wobbly and it feels as though the nerve is dying (not that i know what that feels like). They become numb when i sleep and in the morning it feels like they will fall out, throughout the day it gets better but goes back to the same when i go to sleep. I'm too scared to go to the dentist as i'm sure i have lots of things i would need doing to them. What's wrong with my teeth? will they fall out? will it get better? should i pop this white thing? Please help.


Super Moderator
Jan 5, 2012
You don't want to hear this but you do need to visit the dentist. A fall in childhood like the one you had can cause problems later in life as you are finding our. It could be an abscess forming from the fall you had as a child. The dentist will be able to help you and you really need to go and visit them.